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Not Feeling Well After Stenting (2010 archive)

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Many patients feel very well after having a stent implanted, with relief of angina and other symptoms. But some patients have written that they experience the opposite and feel less well, at least for a period. This could be due to a variety of causes. To support others who may be in a similar situation, post here to describe your symptoms, and especially if they were resolved.

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Archived Postings from 2010 on This Page (98):

• Hello, my brother and Father both had heart attacks before xmas so I went for tests. I had been feeling under par for a while and they found an 80% blockage in one coronary artery. I had a stent put in and suffered a heart attack during the procedure - very scary and painful. I am about three weeks in and just beginning to feel better although energy is still pretty uneven. I urge anyone to get tested as family history is the main factor. I have felt pretty emotional and sort of "out" of the world...not sure if it's the meds - any ideas?
PK, Australia, December 31, 2010

• Hi, 58yr.old male, after two stents on 12-6-10 in the vein graft of my double bypass of 10 yrs (previously no problems) I started to have mild chest pains.......back to ER more stress tests........just indigestion...never had this before.......taking Malox....relief to know.......but felt like a heart attack starting......but was after I ate usually and will go away....says heart burn will eventually stop....
Gary from Kentucky, Kentucky, USA, December 27, 2010

• I am a 74 yr old non smoker. Had a stent in 1996 and two in 2003.I exercise at the gym 6 days a week and take lipitor 40 mg and niacin 2000/day. Excellent exercise capacity with no pain but my thallium test 3 weeks ago showed insufficient circulation in the RCA area even tho I had no pain on the treadmill going fast. I had a stent placed a week ago in RCA and I can function normally without pain but occasionally, I get intermittent chest pain so I went to the emergency room. After testing and cons with the cardiologist, they decided everything was o.k.Now, when I walk fast on the treadmill,I get a burning heavy feeling in my chest which stops when I get off. In short, my exercise capacity is worse than before the stent. Is this normal for one week post op? If so,how long post op before I can get to where I was before the stent?
Vigorous Old Man, Visalia, California, USA, December 22, 2010

• Hello everyone. I so appreciate your stories. They have been helpful to me. I had a double by-pass in 2001. For all those years I had no problems. This summer, I felt a little more tired than usual. Recently, I did feel like something was not right. So I had it checked out. I had 80% blockage in the vein graft of my by pass. The Dr. put two bare metal stents in on the 6th. I am back in cardio-rehab 3 days a week. They have added Plavix to my meds. The first day I felt great, then soon afterwards, I felt a heaviness, in my chest and I seemingly got a little winded. Now I am tired this afternoon again. I can say that I have a little chest pain, but not too much. In the mornings, I feel very good all over. They all say it's part of the process of stents and will resolve itself. It does make me concerned. All and all I feel better, but overall tired. I am also bummed out about having to revisit all this and reramp rehab work to get my strength back. I guess anyone is naturally on edge after getting a stent. Maybe this stress is part of the chest pain ? I will write back in time. Thanks
Gary, Kentucky, USA, December 19, 2010

• I am a 59yr old female who had a stent put in my LAD, which was 70-90% blocked, I also had a 30% blockage in my right artery, which was untouched. Symptoms prior were chest tightening and jaw pain upon exertion, otherwise felt great. Am now on 75 mg Plavix, 325mg aspirin, 2.5mg Lisinopril, 40mg Pravastatin. Unfortunately, I feel worse now, stomach pain, right side back pain, anxiety, tiredness. Plus I have chest tightening and shortness of breath upon exertion.
Ollie's mom, Palm Bay, Florida, USA, December 19, 2010

• Hi, I am a 63 year old male who has been fairly active tennis and bike riding. I was getting this fluttering in the center of my chest at night went I laid down to sleep. Went to the doc and explained what was going on. They suggested a Nuclear stress test which I passed with no problems. About 3 weeks later while riding my bike at a quick pace I get this pressure in my chest with a dull pain going up my neck and in my jaw. I am thinking heart attack. I stop riding and walk the rest of the way. Call the cardiologist and I see him the next day. They say I need to have a left heart catheterization because the stress test is not fool proof (why do it). bottom line I had 80% blockage in 1 artery on the back side and two small angioplasties because they were to small to stent. I have been back riding and playing tennis but I get this pressure in my chest when I start exercising, not as bad as the first time but it is there. It does seem to go away but does come back. My stent has Effient on it and also taking Toprol, aspirin, simvastatin, imdur and one other one. I had this done on Aug 16 10, have been going to the gym everyday but gaining some weight. the fluttering is PVC (premature valve closing)
JoeyD, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, December 17, 2010

• Brad from Phoenix -- how long after the heart attack symptoms did you get the stents? You might also want to read over our Forum posts on Heart Attack and Stents. "Not feeling well" may be due to a number of different things, physical and emotional -- and the recovery period is for both. Discuss your rehab activities with your cardiologist -- often, taking charge of changing lifestyle, etc. can be a plus in both areas.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 11, 2010

• 51 yr old male, major heart attack 7/10, defibrillated 20 times, 2 stents LAD, take aspirin, plavix, metoprolol, lisinopril and lipitor. Early on and more so lately, feels like a shiver in the chest very , very anxious. Took my first nitro last weekend and seemed to help some, hoped it wouldn't. Still get tired but working on stamina, after all, everything that happened, there's going to be recovery time. They said 4-6 months, been 5 but physically don't feel that much better. Doctor said last visit he heard an irregular heart beat, probably more going on but does anyone have these same or like feelings/sensations?
Brad, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, December 10, 2010

• Terry from Terre Haute ;-) -- Trying to tell the difference between actual pain and pain caused by fear after discovering the presence of heart disease is challenging -- and you are only a week out. Also very challenging is quitting smoking, which we are glad you're embarking on. We would encourage you to continue this as the number one thing to do. Not sure what level of smoking you're now at, but stopping entirely is very very important. Inflammation of the artery wall is directly related to smoking, so you can take control of the situation, which also will make you feel better. We totally appreciate how hard it is, however, so don't hesitate to ask your doctor if he/she can help you stop. Also, dealing with your high blood pressure, high cholesterol is critical -- these are both risk factors that you can have an effect on through better diet, weight loss if indicated, exercise and very importantly any prescription medications that can help you toward these goals. Just tell your doctor what you are experiencing and see if your doctor can offer you help in controlling your risk factors.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 10, 2010

• Hi Had a stent put in on dec 4th I'm 47 in good health don't really feel good after stent, heavy chest and some pain kinda scared to take the nitro, not sure what is pain or fear. High bp, high cholesterol, smoker slowed way down on smoking trying to quit really hard after 33 years. just not sure what to tell Dr?
Terry, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA, December 9, 2010

• Ijaj -- your question is one that can really only be answered by your cardiologist or doctor who has your medical records. There are numbers that can help you understand this better, for example, your ejection fraction, which indicates how efficiently your heart is pumping, etc. Having a stent should in no way make you "less good" than "normal" people -- the only question is in what ways your heart attack affected you. The goal is to now control any risk factors (smoking, diet, exercise, etc.) that are under your control.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 9, 2010

• Hi I am Ijaj. I am 38 had a massive attack on september 21 got treated at asian heart institute India Mumbai by sudhir vaishnav had been fitted with medical stent because there was block at LAD. I am feeling much better now but i have some queries which I want to solve my main query is how fit i am compare to a normal person who didn't have these problems because before 21 september i was also fit and fine as others.
Ijaj, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, December 7, 2010

• I am a 57 year old male. I have 9 stents placed in the last three years. Eight of which were placed in 2009 one in 2007 after a heart attack. I have had continuous problems with heart burn and chest pains. I take 40mg pepcid daily and the only thing that helps some is my nitro. I was in the hospital last month and my cardiac enzymes were elevated and each lab test they increased by one point heart rate went to 48. They kept me three days with no signs of improvement so my doctor sent me home. I am generally totally fatigued, headaches, chest pain as well as shoulder and left arm pain. I also have PAD.
Not feeling well after stenting, Lakeside, California, USA, December 5, 2010

• bdee from California -- stopping smoking is the number one best thing you can do to reduce your risk factors. It's not easy (esp. after 40 years). Good for you! As for the odd feelings you are having, part of it is just the psychological recovery, getting your mind around your discovery of coronary artery disease and the absolutely normal natural reaction to that. This is normal -- the best way to get around this is to take positive action, something you clearly have already done. As for light-headedness and other specific issues, give it a little while, but if these specific feelings continue, talk to your cardiologist. You are probably on a number of new medications and your body is dealing with these. Different patients tolerate drugs in different way -- if symptoms continue, an adjustment to these prescriptions may be warranted. But stay in communication with your cardio about these issues. As we've said often, the reason for stenting is to help you feel better, not worse! Good luck and stay in touch.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 4, 2010

• 59 YR old male. 40 year smoker, exercise induced angina. ONLY PAIN WHEN EXERTED ! Cardiologist placed one stent on 11/30/10 and informed me of a possible hereditary issue with one of my larger arteries not developing properly (very small). conjunction with a 90% blockage on my right coronary was causing my pain. Discharged on 12/01/10 and have felt like I can "feel" the stent in my chest just above my right breast...slight pain, a little nausea and breathing seems well, different. I no longer smoke (thank GOD), have been on a heart healthy diet for awhile, prior to stent and since and have ramped up my exercise by about 50%. Also, a heavy workload gardener. I am trying not to dwell on the odd feelings in my chest, thinking it's psychological, but these physical issues have now manifested themselves in other ways. (dizziness, lightheaded and wobbly occasionally. I'm afraid the chest pain will reappear and I had an awful experience in hospital upon discharge ( return visit!) The nurse removed my IV needle...put pressure on the hand for it to last BP I slid my sleeve up blood shot out of my hand everywhere..I passed out. FEAR
bdee, Huntington Beach, California, USA, December 4, 2010

• 50 yo male. 2 stents in 2002, 1 stent in 2004. Since first stents I've always had occasional chest pain, pain in jaw, fatigue, indescribable "sick" pain in my chest. But sometimes I feel fine. Really weird. I exercise, eat healthy but like to take a drink if pain is present. Maybe not a good idea but it addresses anxiety which often relieves some chest pain. Anxiety and depression are very common after cardiac intervention. On Crestor, Plavix, Toprol, Zetia, Niaspan, Lovaza, aspirin, Diovan. Also started the L-Arginine vitamin therapy (Dr. Ignarro). Also, watch out for sleep apnea. It can make things worse and make you think you're having a heart attack at night (loss of breath and heart racing). Blessings to all of you and thanks for sharing.
Rick, North Carolina, USA, December 2, 2010

• Hi, I'm 57 years old male. I had 2 stents placed in September 2010. A week later I was still having pain and went back to the hospital for a 2nd cardiac cath which found nothing. I finally realized the pain was heart burn caused by the new drugs I was taking which I had never had before in my life. I started taking Pepcid AC and the chest pain went away. If you have had stents placed and still have chest pain, try some Pepcid AC the pain maybe just heart burn!
Barry, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, December 1, 2010

• Thank you for the response. I guess I am concerned because the shortness of breath seems to come when he walks and not if he is just sitting.
Elizabeth, New Hampshire, USA, November 8, 2010

• Had a stent, non drug-eluting, placed in my ramus in late July this year. 2 days after discharge I began fevers 3 - 4 point, and nite sweating like I never had in my 69-year life. After a week of non-productive blood testing and cultures, I was admitted to the hospital for 6 nites. (Fevers lasted for one week and had stopped 1 day before admission). All tests negative. Pushed for discharge and went home. Feeling great now, but July-diagnosed cardiomyopathy with ef of 10 in july (20 now) still in effect.
Seaboy, Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA, November 7, 2010

• Elizabeth from New Hampshire -- As we've noted, sometimes coronary artery disease (CAD) is not discovered in patients until they have an angiogram and, in some cases, also have a stent placed. If CAD had not been previously diagnosed, this also may be the first time that certain medications are prescribed. Some of these medications may have side-effects -- so the patient may think that the stent is causing a problem (like shortness of breath or a rash or a cough) but in fact the problem lies with a reaction to the new medication, and not the stent. We strongly recommend that any patient who is not feeling better after stenting consult with their interventional cardiologist about their symptoms. The reason to place a stent is to improve the patient's condition. Patients who feel worse after stenting need to discuss this with their physician.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 8, 2010

• My dad is 68. Just had 2 stents (may be overlapping) put in a little over a week ago. He is having shortness of breath just after a few steps. He seems so tired to me. Seemed to have more energy before stents and shortness of breath was not a symptom before.
Elizabeth, New Hampshire, USA, November 8, 2010

• Krishna -- you have many questions but first of all, glad that your physicians successfully placed stents in your graft arteries. You are right -- stenting to fix a blocked bypass graft is not that rare (thank goodness for stents because we all only have just so many veins to graft!) -- as for what you should eat, do, etc., if you read some of the other Forum Topics, like the one on Exercise, you might get some ideas, but the best thing for you is to consult your cardiologist -- the one who treats you, because he/she knows best what you are capable of -- although it certainly sounds like you are taking charge of your health, walking, eating right, etc. Congratulations and keep in touch.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 7, 2010

• I am 78. About 6 years back I had both my knees replaced and 2 yrs later I had a CABG (left artery )This failed some 4 months back and I had an angioplasty done with 2 medicated Endeavor stents in place in the new grafted artery. I was told that such incidents are not rare. I have been prescribed Ecosprin 350 for the first 3 months,along with Stiloz 100 mg, Metpure XL 12.5 mg,cloppilet 75 mg, NIKORON 5 MG, Storvas 10 MG, Dilzem SR90 , Tab Pan MY next apt is after 6 months.(April 2011). After the first checkup 3 months after Angio - ecosprin has been reduced to 150, PAN has been reduced to 1 , Clopilet by one pills a day. I walk for 40 mts a day and I am active at home . Bit tired of the medicines -am I fated to have this life long ?? What other precautions I may have to follow. ? I am on low salt, low fat and low sugar diet. I am not diabetic. The cholesterol levels are with in limits. ECHO is 55 (Refraction ) Any information on level of activity ? Some relaxation on diet etc ? Oh yes I forgot the 2 cataract surgeries. I am going thru "hospital fatigue " !! Thanks Krishna
Krishna, Pensioner, Chennai, India., November 1, 2010

• 46 year old woman. Had an angioplasty 2 1/2 weeks ago after heart attack; huge bruise has mostly resolved but I have persistent pain on my inner thigh, especially on stairs and whenever I have to bend/straighten the knee. It's an odd combination of sharp, prickly, aching and pulling. Worse after lying or sitting for a while. Sound normal and will it heal?
Bexicon, Toronto, Canada, October 24, 2010

To diane5814 in Florida -- read Mike's post below. There are concerns that proton pump inhibitors, such as Prilosec (omeprazole) may reduce the effectiveness of Plavix. The FDA has issued a warning regarding this. Discuss with your cardiologist. And Mike -- there are special contrast agents and specific protocols for patients with kidney failure -- make sure your cath lab understands your status. Again, it is thought that there are individuals who have hypersensitive reactions to drug-eluting stents, but these are very small in percentage. Many of the negative reactions posted here may be due to needed adjustments in medical therapy, time for the body to adjust to the stent -- or possibly problems with the stent placement itself. We urge those who have posted here to also let everyone know any follow-up: are you feeling better? what was the resolution?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 23, 2010

• Hi guys I'm a 58 year old male who had 2 uncoated stents placed in 1999 lad and rca. 10 days ago i had a medicated stent placed in the LAD. I feel terrible arm pain, chest burning. jaw pain that i never had before. I spent 8hrs. in ER Sat. night. blood work and ekg normal. gave me morphine and sent me home. Went to cardiologist Tues. Found that taking omeprazole counteracts plavix they should have told me. He took me off crestor and omeprazole wants to see me again in a week. if not any better maybe another cath. This will be my 14th cath. I'm in stage 3 kidney failure and the cath die is very hard on kidneys. I feel worse now than before the stent. I did not know he was going to use a medicated stent. I would have opted for uncoated. I don't know what to do or what to think. Scared.
Mike, Franklin, Ohio, USA, October 21, 2010

• hi i had a stent put in due to a mild heart attack its been since sept 22 2010 now recently as of yesterday i have a slight pain in my left shoulder and slight pain in the side of my left breast is this due to the stenting? I take simvastatin, baby aspirin, and metoprazole, insulin, plavix, omeprazole.
diane5814, Broward County, Florida, USA, October 16, 2010

• I am a 67 yr young woman that had a ekg and was found to have a 85% blockage in lad, in 8/29 2009 I received a drug eluding [eluting] stent, I have never recovered, I am short of breath, and tired all the time, since this placement I have had a complete pulmonary work up 2 more caths and they can't find the cause, are all these dr's brain dead? don't they see that we are having serious reactions to these stents? I am now told that the stent cannot be removed, must I live my life like a invalid? please some one help me get the answers to this horrible situation !!!
D Brown, Rice, Virginia, USA, October 14, 2010

• Pedro from San Diego -- Stopped smoking? Good for you! Best single thing you could possibly do. As we've noted elsewhere, the body may take some time to adjust, not just to the stent, but to the various medications that you suddenly find yourself on. If this continues, you might want to discuss an adjustment to your meds, but you also may find that your body will adapt -- also you are now being a bit more active, so that may be tiring you out. Please keep in touch and let The Forum know how you are faring.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 13, 2010

• I am 48 yr. I had 2 stents on my heart about 2 weeks ago, this was after finding out I had a minor heart attack. Another stent was put in about a wk later. The EKG's did not record the heart attack, the enzymes the heart give out is how the drs found out. I got a second chance. I stopped smoking after 32 years. My problem is that I feel a warmth/and a tiredness on my heart in the afternoons i have started walking but boy i get tired easily. Taking a nap seems to help, but this concerns me. Forum Editor is this normal? I am on Atenolol, Prinzide, Zocor, Aspirin, Pepcid and Effient.
Pedro, San Diego, California, USA, October 2, 2010

• VB from North Carolina -- we can't engage in giving medical advice, and certainly nothing on this web site should be used as such. However, you report that the FFR measurement of your artery was 0.72 -- however, we're not clear if this was before or after the stent was placed, etc. The largest study of FFR as a tool for guiding stenting is the FAME study (see "Better Outcomes for Stents When Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) is Used") in which any artery with 80% or less of normal blood flow was stented. Your reading of 0.72 (or 72%) is in that group and in the FAME study would have been stented. If this was the FFR reading post-stent, then you should discuss this with your interventional cardiologist (the physician who did the stenting). It's a complex issue and the best information for your particular case is someone who is sitting with you and your records. Let us know how you fare.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 30, 2010

• on 11-25-09 i had a bare metal stent put in for chest pain, the went away for about 6 weeks. then my chest started to hurt again. then on 1-21-10 i had a drug eluting stent put in & i started to have chest pains worst than before & bad breathing problems. i was admitted on 2-16-10. i had blood CTA of my chest & nothing showed up as a culprit. this is notes from the dr.. he also wrote in his report that he placed a JL4 guide & used a pressure wire after giving me 3,000 units of heparin. he did & adenosine infusion. he placed the transducer distal to the distal edge of that stent. angiographically,the proximal edge of the stent had the [worse] lesion. Then he pullback & fractional flow reserve [FFR] distally was 0.72. & etc. These procedures were done at [pitt county memorial hospital in greenville n.c.] i was admitted on 9-2-10 & another procedure was done to see what was happen because i was having same problems & my [ekg] was not looking good. i'm not going to list all that was done, but i am having the same problems & each time it's worst.
VB, Washington, North Carolina, USA, September 25, 2010

• Wendy from Arizona -- patients on this and other topics report that it sometimes takes a while for the body to adjust. Let the Forum know if your pain/pressure persists.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 20, 2010

• Hi, I'm 66 female..i just had a stent put in on Aug.16,2010..I'm still having pressure in my chest even though the Dr. said everything is fine..It scares me though i don't want another heart attack..After all these blog's it kind of makes me feel a little better but a little scared also. Well thanks everyone for sharing your stories..
Wendy, Paulden, Arizona, USA, September 18, 2010

• Eric from Indiana -- it's hard to say what the cause of fatigue may be -- you are taking quite a few medications and you might want to discuss with your cardiologist if any of them may be the cause, or if any medication adjustments should be tried. We assume your blood count is okay.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 18, 2010

• I need help. I had a mild heart attack in July and had 3 stents placed: Main, LAD, Circumflex. Less than a month later I experienced more chest pain, went to hospital and had two more stents placed mid LAD. Two weeks later had chest pain again and had third cath. Was told all looked well with arteries. My biggest problems are fatigue, dizziness, and occasional chest pain/pressure. I used to be fine on six hours of sleep per night. Now all I want to do is sleep. Cannot stand up too quickly or get very dizzy. Can't look up quickly without feelings of vertigo. I feel ten times worse physically then I did before the heart attack. I am sure I am going to lose my job soon because I just can't perform my duties on a regular basis. I am a type 2 diabetic that also suffers migraine headaches frequently. My medications are Toprol XL, Lisinopril, Effient, Simvastatin, Metformin, Glipizide, Topamax, Elavil and Aspirin. I have tried to slowly work up strength with mild exercise and it takes everything out of me. My doctor actually asked me the other day "Why are you still having chest pains?" I am frustrated and I think those around me are as well.
Eric S, Elkhart, Indiana, USA, September 17, 2010

• I am a 54 yr old male, had a heart attack in July, 2008, 100% blockage rca. Stented, felt much better, no problems with plavix, but severe fatigue attributed to lipitor. Oct, 09 70% blockage stented rca. During procedure severe discomfort in chest wall area. Following angioplasty had protrusion and pain in chest (diastasis recti) which doctor said was just my artery recovering but appears to have been tearing during ap. Same meds, except lipitor changed to crestor. Rapidly gained 20 pounds, very fatigued, meralgia parestica left leg, muscle fatigue and cramping in legs, and hip pain. Told exercise was all I needed. 12 week cardiac wellness exercise, excruciating. Placed on long term disability, returned to east coast. New GP told me to throw crestor in the trash and have had substantial improvement. Leg strength is returning, as well as energy. Looking into physio for the diastasis recti and cardiac workouts. I hope my experience is the exception, rather than the rule. I approach testing and appointments, now with a very skeptical attitude to the medical profession. I could have, and still may have caused irreparable damage on their advice.
tomography, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, September 14, 2010

• Mark -- A stent would not be causing the back pain, but after a procedure the patient must lie flat for several hours for the groin site to heal -- and this physical immobility can be difficult for some patients who have back problems. Just wondering if maybe your father-in-law's back pain is related to this? Has he had an orthopedist or neurologist see if maybe a nerve is being pinched, etc.?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 10, 2010

• My father in law had a stent put in 9 years ago and has had sharp pain in the center of his back when he walks since the procedure . He has tried every kind of dr but they can not figure it out. his Dr does not think it is from the stent. The man can not walk up a flight of stairs without stopping because of the pain .This is coming from a man who does not take Novocain when he has a tooth drilled.If anyone can think of a direction to go in to help him I would be Thankful.
Mark, Concerned son in law, Rockaway, New Jersey, USA, September 4, 2010

• August 2010: Am 63 years old, workout 6 days a week, eat super healthy - in fact I am a pain to my family because i eat so well, am 5'3", 120 lbs. ECG and Stress test was perfect, nuclear test declared a problem LAD artery 99% blocked..Wow!! Had a drug eluding stent. My arms feel tired, have severe upper back pain (near the neck). Cardiologist not interest in back pain (??) Arms are tired - can't carry my pocket book anymore...stressed, please comment/help!!
RA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, August 30, 2010

• Hi, I'm a 22yr old male and i just a stent placed in my aorta on the 26th august 2010 due to aortic coarctation that i believe i have had since birth. i was very fit and healthy for the two days at the hospital following the surgery but ever since returning home, i have been having this really bad feeling in my chest (approximately where the stent is). its not very painful or anything but its discomforting as i have developed a cough 2 days ago. I am going to visit my GP tomorrow but any extra advice would be very much appreciated.
chest pain after stenting, New Zealand, August 30, 2010

• In august of 2003 I had a angioplasty/4 stent procedure, and developed a violent cough for 40 days. A number of medications were taken, including lisinopril which did not agree with me, and was advised to stop taking, But it got even worse, by about a month later, I developed, a horrific itch, and burn on my front chest,and right back, t5 t6 t7 area. stinging, burning now 7 years, and no relief in sight. I was told 7 years ago, that its shingles, but, didn't have a single, zit, or any form of that nature, just a discoloration of the skin. I feel that possibly I'm allergic to the stents, or the procedure was botched, or the medications had something to do with it, but I was a perfect healthy person, until the stent procedure, so How can they have diagnosed me with shingles, of no rash, or post herpetic neuralgia,of that nature. May be my nerves are entrapped, and they need to be released, or a soft tissue manipulation, could be the answer, but its been a total nightmare, living with this burning, stinging pain now 7 years, and no relief in sight. The wrong diagnosis was given to me, easy come easy go.
Mr G, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, August 26, 2010

• Melissa from Tennessee -- we are most sorry for your loss. It's really not possible to comment on this situation since there are many reasons why this may have occurred: did his heart suffer significant damage during the heart attack, weakening it, did he suffer an acute stent thrombosis -- rare but possible. That's the reason patients are given Plavix and aspirin right away: to keep acute closures from occurring. Have you discussed this with the team that treated him?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 26, 2010

• Help please. My father had a heart attack 3 weeks ago. They put 4 stents in to remove blockage. One artery 100% blocked, another 90%. He remained in the hospital for a week, but complained of shortness of breath. The hospital only gave him breathing treatments for his asthma. He was released, and died in his sleep 4 days later. Till the day he died he still complained of shortness of breath. Why did they not do anything? Is this a hospital issue, stent issue, or what? He was FINE and they even released him. I heard they can re-clot, but after FOUR DAYS? I just don't understand.
Melissa, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, August 25, 2010

• hi I'm a 51 yr old lady who had a stent put in on 6/8/10 and have felt wonderful apart from breathlessness from time to time. I do feel more tired but its only been 3 weeks since the angioplasty and yesterday i walked up a steep hill with no chest pain. I thank the surgeon with all my heart to have relieved me from the bad chest pain i was having. i hope i make improvements on a daily basis.
mags, Leicester, United Kingdom, August 25, 2010

• SS in Connecticut -- Thanks for the additional info. An echocardiogram would be the first test if your cardiologist is concerned the fatigue is heart-related -- and yours was okay, ruling out a valve problem, along with some other concerns. There are more invasive tests, but they are probably not indicated, given your symptoms are of fatigue, not angina. But maybe other readers out there have some insight into extreme fatigue 5 months after stenting.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 18, 2010

• Additional info to my post (SS in CT). Yes, I had a bare metal stent placed in my circumflex artery in March of 2010. Dr. took me off plavix at 2.5 months due to bruising. What type of tests would be done to test functioning of stent? I've had echocardiogram (couple of months ago), EKGs, etc. With respect to the Lyme testing- no, I don't recall being bitten by tick, no rash. I think it is due to my main symptom of fatigue that they are checking.
SS, Connecticut, USA, August 18, 2010

• 50 year old male. Had double by-pass at age 42 (not due to heart attack). No problems until recently. July 1, 2010 - started having pain in upper abdomen with shortness of breath, light headed, slight numbness in left arm. Went to ER. First diagnosed with bad gall bladder, but this did not explain shortness of breath. Had to rule out possible heart problem with past history. Did cath and found a blockage that had clotted. Received a stent. Immediately felt better. All symptoms gone. Symptoms came back one month later. Primarily upper abdomen pain and shortness of breath. Had another cath to make sure stent looked OK. Checked out fine. Nuclear stress test also checked out fine. Doc took me off Simvastatin for awhile to see what happens. Feeling a little better - less Ab pain, but still short on breath. Doc thinks it may be gall bladder. After reading everyone else's input, it looks like it may just take time to adjust to stent or reaction to Plavix. Any words of advice. Meds - 325 mg aspirin, 27.5mg Avapro, 75 mg Plavix, 25 mg Toprol, 40 mg Protonix, was on Simcor (1000mg/20mg)+additional 40 mg Simvastatin. Went from 10 mg Simvastatin to 60 mg Simvastatin! Thanks.
Karl H, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA, August 16, 2010

• SS in Connecticut -- you didn't mention if you had gotten a stent and, if so, what kind. Has the cardiologist done tests of any sort to see if the stent and arteries are functioning correctly? 6 months is sort of the first "hurdle" for any restenosis (reclosure). Also, you mentioned Lyme Disease. Is there some reason to suspect it? Had you gotten a tick bite? Be aware that the tests for this disease are relatively inaccurate with a high number of false negatives. Since you're in Connecticut, you might be able to find a "Lyme Literate MD" (LLMD) to consult.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 16, 2010

• I'm a 44 yr-old woman; ran 4 miles a day; had heart attack (? trauma-induced) in March 2010. Recovered fine, back to running, etc., but 2 weeks ago developed onset of extreme fatigue. Cardiologist does not believe it's heart-related. Primary Care Physician has checked blood, vitamin and iron, levels, tested for Lyme etc. - all negative. For 2 wks now I am plagued by same fatigue. Generally okay in the am, but as the day progresses, I become increasingly tired with no explanation. Please, can anyone offer any insight?
SS, Connecticut, USA, August 15, 2010

• I had bypass surgery 2006 / 1 stent 2009 / 3 stents July 2010. I felt really good 2 weeks after the stents. I now seem to get extreme fatigue and heart symptoms. The symptoms I am experiencing now is shortness of breath / lightheaded / some fullness in chest. It gets relieved by taking nitro. I have not gone back to any exercise, because the cardio wants me to do rehab before a gym. I honestly do not feel like exercising with these symptoms. I am taking nitro almost everyday now to relieve symptoms. I have noticed some odd heart beats, but I don't know if it means anything. It is discouraging at this point, because I felt good after the bypass and the first stent.
Clara, Ponte Vedra, Florida, USA, August 14, 2010

• Karvy in India -- has your father seen the interventional cardiologist who placed the four stents? There are tests that can be done to assess your father's condition more specifically. "Weakening of heart muscles" means that his heart has been damaged by a heart attack -- the interventional cardiologist would have done a "ventriculogram" during the stenting to measure this. Or perhaps the valves he had need to be redone (after 20 years, articial valves can become less than 100% -- it depends which type of valves he received).
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 14, 2010

• my father had stenting done before 4 months, drug coated and suddenly he has started feeling unwell, increase in heartbeat, neck pain,weakness and all.....before that he had to two valve transplantations 20 years ago. The local doctor here also suggested weakening of heart muscles. now whoever would go thru my matter...i would like to tell him that my father has sacrificed his whole life for me and my brothers...he will be of around 65 years old least if you help me in resurrecting him completely then i will dedicate my life, my prosperity to you all. My request to you would be to take this matter with utmost seriousness and help me do something for my father..if required and possible I am prepared to do a heart exchange with my father...our blood groups are same...the question is are you up to it. Regards
VERY URGENT......PLSSS HELPPP, Karvy, India, August 12, 2010

• Pete -- angioplasty and stents can open up the coronary artery, in order to deliver more blood (and therefore oxygen) to the heart muscle. However, if the heart muscle becomes damaged, as in a heart attack that is not treated in time, then that damage remains -- that part of the heart muscle is dead and delivering more oxygen to it won't do anything. However, making sure that the part of the heart that is working gets sufficient oxygen is even more important in cases like yours -- we assume that's why and where you got your stents. There are medications that can help lessen the existing load on your heart -- we assume you've been prescribed these and are taking them. Obviously, losing weight, stopping smoking, etc. are all lifestyle changes that need to happen as well -- anything to lower unnecessary stress on the heart muscle.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 8, 2010

• I am a 56 year old male. I have 9 stents 2 in my left leg area and the other seven on both sides of the heart. I have never gained my full strength back. It takes me all day sometimes two just to do my small yard. Before the heart problems was done in 20-30 minutes. I have almost constant chest pain cramping buttock going to sleep as well as pain in the groin and pelvic area. Heart disease runs in my family and of course I smoked. I have been hospitalized 16 times in the last 17 months. But my doctor says my that I have severe heart damage and really by-pass may not be an option for me. I had a severe heart attack March 09 and my then cardio doctor basically did not do much for me in fact he was terminated from the office and I see another doctor there who told me he would not trust him with his worst enemy. He then on two different occasions place 5 more stents but it has not made me improve much.
Pete, Lakeside, California, USA, August 8, 2010

• Susan in Illinois -- obviously you're keeping an eye on your symptoms. Posters have reported similar discomforts which do go away in time as the body adjusts. After all, you had a heart attack which only a couple decades ago would have caused significant disability (see our Editor's blog, "Heart Attack and Angioplasty: A Public Education Challenge"). But you're doing the right thing in consulting your cardiologist about this -- especially if symptoms change or increase. Plavix and aspirin can cause gastric-related problems -- but it's very important to keep taking these very important medicines to lower the risk of blood clots inside the stents -- this may be why your doctor prescribed heartburn meds. You're also doing the right thing working out -- staying active, eating right and enjoying it when people compliment you!!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 2, 2010

• I am a 53-year-old female who had a heart attack on February 21, 2010, with no warning symptoms and no typical risk factors. I underwent an immediate angioplasty and received two drug-eluting stents in my LAD artery, followed three weeks later by another angioplasty to insert a bare-metal stent in my RCA. I added Plavix and Coreg to the aspirin I've taken daily for years. I felt very well for several weeks but then started feeling mild chest pressure about 20-30% of the time, sometimes (but not always) after exertion, sometimes (but not always) after eating, sometimes just on waking, sometimes when I was simply sitting. A stress test revealed no blockages. It's now been five months and the episodes of chest pressure, and sometimes palpitations, continue on an irregular basis. My cardiologist suggested heartburn meds, which I take, but the discomfort just doesn't seem to be gastro-related. I'm a bit frustrated about all this but not particularly depressed. At least now I work out regularly, and people say I look good (compared with being dead, I should hope so!).
Susan, Illinois, USA, July 28, 2010

• Tish in South Africa -- thanks for your kind words. Regarding your mother, was her BP normal BEFORE the stent?? Have you consulted specifically with the interventional cardiologist who performed the stent procedure?? This blood pressure reading of 184/104 is extremely high and needs to be lowered ASAP. Does your mother have any kidney problems? She had a reaction to the iodine in the contrast dye, too much of which can affect the kidneys. Kidney disease and high blood pressure are related.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 20, 2010

• Hi All, Great site and valuable discussions. But all I read here is problems and no solutions. I found this site in pursuance of some answers as my Mom had a stent done. Since then her blood pressure is 184/104 every evening. Why? she takes 3 different tablets for BP but still this problem. PLUS she gets out of breath which never happened before the stent? During the stent procedure she had a reaction to the iodine. Thank God she survived that traumatic experience. Can't we get a Professor to comment on some of our questions? Doctors and Cardiologist are just milking us dry on every visit, but can't really help!
Tish, Johannesburg, South Africa, July 14, 2010

• My son is only 34, had a 100% blockage. Described pain as an elephant laying on chest) had 3 stents,(described still pain as small animal on chest) 2 days after, had another attack, stent closed caused it, so another cath/stent so that's four stents. He still has a 70% blockage in back of heart, Dr. says possibly could be causing pain or anxiety. Is on Effient, metoprolol, baby aspirin and anxiety small dose. Is very apprehensive about the next cath procedure with stenting but hoping it will rid him of pain. After reading all these forum letters, I am scared for him to.Is there anything you can do to get rid of the pain after the drug coated stents?
prettyscared1, Cresson, Pennsylvania. USA, June 21, 2010

• I was taking 2-3 nitros a day and my cardiologist said that was too many. My back right artery was closed in a certain area and he said that with my nitro usage/angina that he recommended stent-I ended up with 4 stents and I now have more angina than before the stents-I've been told something about artery stretching may be causing more angina. Now he's put me on a long acting nitro pill and take lorazepam as needed. Has anyone else had this problem? And how long did the angina last-I had this done to get rid of angina and I feel worse. Just had done 5/25/10. Kind of depressed, anxious and this angina is really bothering me.
Faye, Covington, Indiana, USA, June 10, 2010

• Suffered a heart attack three weeks ago. Two weeks ago I had angioplasty and a stent put in on a 100% blockage. During the heart attack, which I thought was indigestion, I had back pain which radiated to my shoulders and lower jaw. I know there were a few questions about jaw pain after the insertion of the stent. Yes, I did have very minor jaw pain after the procedure. I couldn't really call it pain, rather than just an annoying feeling that just let you know it was still there. End of week two and the jaw feels normal again. What I did experience was a burning pain in two locations on the leg where they inserted the sheath into the femoral artery. It is a burning sensation when I walk, on the inside thigh about half way up, and also on the inside of the shin. There is a corresponding nerve that runs along that artery, that I believe must have been compromised during the procedure. I experienced some fatigue during the first few days after the procedure, then I started feeling stronger. Today, exactly two weeks after the stent was put in, I feel very, very tired. I'm not sure why, but I'm not in any pain, but very weak. Has anyone else gone thru this?
Mario, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, June 4, 2010

• My husband just had stent in one artery which had 99% blockage. There is a second blockage which was not cleared. The doctor explained that it was not a concern as it was a total blockage and would not be considered to potentially cause a heart attack in the future.Does this make sense? Has anyone heard this?
Karibu, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada, June 2, 2010

• Mr. Hegde -- if a patient is not feeling well post procedure, it's never a bad idea to consult with your cardiologist. If there's nothing wrong, it sets your mind at ease and can relieve some of the anxiety. If there is something wrong, medications can be adjusted, or other measures taken to help -- the idea is that after angioplasty, the patient is supposed to feel better, not worse.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 1, 2010

• I am 62 years old. I had angioplasty 4 weeks ago and one stent has been put for a single block. I have been discharged two weeks ago. Since discharge I have been experiencing mild pain in the mid chest area and breathlessness all the time & my throat becomes dry. Is this common ? or should I see my cardiologist?
R.K.Hegde, Consulting Engineer, Dharwad, Karnataka State, India, May 30, 2010

• almost 1 year ago I had two stents put in due to blockage. They caught this when I was having a very hard time breathing with chest pains. After the stents I felt good for about 1 month and the chest pains came back. They went back in and every thing was good. It took about 7 months until I felt good with out chest pains. The Doctors think it was some small veins of the heart that were not 100% plugged and could not have stents put in. For me I thought I would never feel better but I do. so do not give up hopefully it will work out for you as it has for me.
Andy L, Two Rivers, Wisconsin, USA, May 24, 2010

• yes I would like to know what to do me mother is 53 and just went in to have a stent put in how ever the dr told my dad that their was nothing they could do for her because her arteries would collapse if they did not to mention she has smoked all her life I would like to know if their is still hope for my mom or is this it and if so how long of a life expand dose she have with out being able to get this done.
Kim, Fresno, California, USA, May 22, 2010

• hello, i had a stent put in 1 month ago, for this last week i have been getting all sorts of pain in my chest and back, it's as though i have strained my back and when i move suddenly i tense up, causing the pain. i have also got fresh bruising on both sides of my chest, on the right side there is an underlying lump. and generally feeling unwell. help!
Barry, UK, May 22, 2010

• Margie -- if you check out our topic on "Complications from Catheterization, Angiogram or Angioplasty" you will find many stories, unfortunately, like yours. It is a complication with catheter-based procedures done from the femoral artery or groin -- only 2% or so, but it's a 100% if it happens to be you. It may be a traumatized nerve or other related problem. Have you reported this to the interventional cardiologist who placed the stent??
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 15, 2010

• I am a 51 year old female who had a medicated stent put in on 3/26/10. It is now six weeks later and I am still walking with a limp...the insertion area was fine, no lump, no redness, bleeding stopped just fine. I wake up feeling good, then as I go about my business, my leg starts to just wear down. By the end of the day, I feel as if I am dragging a dead limb around with me. I also get a pulling sensation around my groin that lasts for about 2 secs. The back of my calf bothers me, not pain, just an uncomfortable feeling, the top of my thigh is tight...The problem with my leg is what kept me out of work for six weeks....couldnt go up and down stairs or walk for very long periods of time. Very frustrating since my favorite activity of ALL time is walking. Has anyone else experienced anything else like this?
Margie, Long Island, New York, May 13, 2010

• I am a 62 year old male who had a heart attack in November 2008. Had 2 stents inserted and felt weak and endured slight pain, until I had a 5 graft by pass in March 2009. Once again suffered bad chest pains and was hospitalised about a month ago. They found out that 2 of the arteries that were grafted were totally blocked. They inserted 2 more stents. It’s nearly a month since the insertion and I feel pinching pain, sensations in the chest and squeezing pain. I try and walk 15 mins twice a day with great difficulty. I will be seeing the Cardio next week. Never felt so bad and my self esteem is quite low for an outdoing person like myself. Anybody with similar problems?
Allan, Melbourne, Australia, May 2, 2010

• I am a 52 year old male, good shape, non-smoker, healthy eater who experienced shoulder, arm and chest pain while on a golf vacation in Charleston, SC. Was admitted to Roper, had a cath and stent put in Mid RCA due to a 99% blockage. This was 7 days ago and I feel great. Starting to exercise a little with no immediate issues. The last two nights, I woke up to a little should and arm pain. I am on Plavix, Toprol XL, Vasotec, Aspirin and Omega-3 Fish Oil. Blood Pressure averages 100/60. I am thinking that while at rest sleeping, my Blood Pressure lowers and thus causing the minor pain? Does anyone else have this or thinking this way or am I on the wrong track.
Rob G, Ontario Canada, April 30, 2010

• Got 4 stents over a year ago - exercise induced angina. My hunch is I only needed two stents. I had pain (that I never had before the stents) immediately after and it has become less, but never went away. Beware of over-stenting -- some of these doctors are looking out for their pocket-books instead of the patient. Make sure your doctor is using IVUS and/or FFR - I would opt for bare metal stents.
Karl, Lawrence, Kansas, USA, April 26, 2010

• En -- actually 50% is the "tipping point" figure as you call it. However, this can be misleading. We've written about other technologies, called FFR and IVUS, which some cardiologists think are better ways to judge if a blockage needs stenting. FFR actually measures the blood pressure inside the artery, across the blockage. It may seem counter-intuitive, but what may look like a significant blockage on an X-ray angiogram (the "gold standard") may not actually be reducing the blood flow to the heart. The FAME study proved this and showed that stenting guided by FFR had significantly better outcomes than stenting guided by angiography alone. We see that you live in Washington. The cardiologists at the Washington Hospital Center are big believers in IVUS and FFR (read our interview with Dr. Waksman). The question of menopause is not one we can comment on. Again the idea is to reduce risk factors as much as possible. There's no reason to think that this disease, if kept under control and treated, should result in a heart attack.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 26, 2010

• Followup to April 4 post -- The pain - those pinching sensations - have gone away fortunately. Thank you for your support. The doctor didn't seem to want to add another medication (anti-smoking) to my list. I do feel lucky being alive but it's an adjustment trying to alter life style and outlook. I have a couple of other questions: Why do they put a stent only after a 70 percent blockage? Is that the tipping point? Do you feel much worse after that - risk of heart attack increases? One other question, I haven't hit menopause yet. Is my heart disease going to get worse after that? They decreased my aspirin from 365 to 81 mg because of all the (monthly) side effects, which was a good thing.
En, Washington, DC, USA, April 25, 2010

• I received a stent in Dec. 09. Currently my pulse rate is low. Is that dangerous? My doctor put me on another blood pressure pill and wants to hook me to a heart monitor. Should I look for another doctor?
Ron R., Nevada, USA, April 19, 2010

• En -- After three months, much of the stent will be healing, getting covered by endothelial cells. The body is very smart and it sensed this foreign object immediately! That's precisely why it's important to start taking Plavix and aspirin ASAP -- to keep the blood from clotting around this unknown interloper: the stent. So your body isn't "rejecting" the stent. However, and this will be something you've heard before, you must stop smoking -- even two cigarettes a day. It is the highest risk factor there is for coronary artery disease -- no question about it. If you are looking to feel better, you need to seek out help to stop (it is really hard to do this alone!) -- your doctor should be able to at least prescribe something to aid you in this. Consider yourself lucky that a technology exists that opened up an almost totally closed LAD without surgery. You've gotten a second chance -- now do the best you can to reduce your risk factors.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 8, 2010

• Around three months ago they put a stent in my heart - LAD. 99.9% blockage. There are other blockages down the road but not up to 70%. I started feeling some pinching now and then on the left side after they did an echo about a month ago. If I exerted myself it got worse. It felt like the body is rejecting or squeezing the stent to me. As if it's just detected it and is feeling its way around it. I haven't been able to quit smoking (twice a day). Not the athletic type, have had thyroid problems. Now after a couple of weeks it seems to be subsiding. Causes please?
En, Washington, DC, USA, April 4, 2010

• RS -- thanks for your experience. Your observation that stress can play a large part is true. Especially since the surprise discovery of a blockage is a big and stressful realization for someone with no history or reason to believe they have coronary artery disease. (It's those genes!!) One addition -- if you are experiencing heartburn, there are drugs you can get to reduce this -- H2 blockers or PPIs. There have been studies that PPIs may reduce the effectiveness of Plavix, but nothing has been proven absolutely yet.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 4, 2010

• After being treated for reflux for a month, stress test revealed a problem. Coronary catheterization revealed a 95% blockage so stent put in. I'm 44, never smoked, pretty healthy and active, good weight, normal cholestorol...even why is anyone's guess. 3 weeks later and still get some "weird" chest feelings, odd sharp pain, and shortness of breath at times. Trying to return to more activity but it is slow. I believe I have a good idea what causes most of our symptoms. First off, the aspirin is VERY hard on the stomach and can often cause heartburn. Secondly, the blood thinners cause dizziness and shortness of breath...also probably the "weird" feeling as the blood flow is very different now and we must adjust. Finally...good old paranoia, stress and anxiety. Prior to any heart issues most of us would probably not even notice what we do now...and of course our fears cause an overreaction from our minds and bodies. And no doubt the fact that these symptoms almost always go away...after a week, a month or 6 months...means it just takes time for adjustment. Obviously if so many of us have it, seems pretty normal to me. Hell...Im alive. Not gonna stress this anymore. Cheers!
RS, Canada, April 1, 2010

• contact me at any time re stenting or heart attack questions tnk u
Elaine, Long Island, New York, USA, March 29, 2010

• Rukhsana and others -- many in this topic, going back 5 years even, report discomforts of sorts right after stenting. This may come from a number of sources, but usually resolves after a few weeks. Sometimes it's the addition of new medications. Most important is if the symptom of angina returns -- you should definitely see your cardiologist to rule out reblocking of the stent.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 20, 2010

• Hi, i'm 46 years old female. I had 3 stents placed in LAD and RCA which were severely stenosed with 90% blocked. I feel pain in my chest with radiating to my left shoulder and jaw. I feel pain in my chest on going to the bathroom. I am really anxious.
Rukhsana, Islamabad, Pakistan, March 15, 2010

• Hi, I am a 69 year old female. I had a Taxus Liberte stent placed in the right coronary artery on Sept. 10, 2009. On Sept. 22 I went to the E.R. as my blood pressure went to 210 over 120. They worked all night to get it down. No Blood Clot. I am on Plavix and 81 gr. aspirin. The next day I started with heat spells and high blood pressure immediately after. I am allergic to M.S.G. and that is the reaction I have to it. and Benadryl will stop the reaction ,so I took Benadryl and it stopped it. After that every evening it would start about 8pm . Then it went to part of the day and all night. I have had this reaction for over three months. Taking up to 8 Benadryl a day. All the heart Dr. said was it's in my head or try to give me more high blood pressure med. My blood pressure is normal except when I am having a reaction. I am allergic to a gold ring. I never had this problem until I got the stent and I believe it is the stent. The medicine on the stent is supposed to wear off in 1 month. The allergy Dr. I went to said it might still be the med. on the stent. I do have irregular heart beats some since also, and it feels like a butterfly sometimes. Has anyone else had these symptoms?
Cynthia C., Pearce, Arizona, USA, February 26, 2010

• I had pain after first stent and more after the second stent which was inserted after restenosis. Hoping it will go away tomorrow, it has been 24 hours.
Tommytooth, New York, NY USA, February 20, 2010

• anyone have jaw pain after stenting and heart attack? Thank you for all the wonderful info.
Elaine, Southold, New York, February 18, 2010

• Hi, i'm 54 years old. i had a bare metal stent installed march of 2009. On feb10, 2010 I had a medicated stent installed in the same spot to alleviate the scar tissue that formed. Now 7 days later I feel numbness in my left arm and sometimes in my chest especially after walking at 4 mph for 5 min. Is this normal or has the stent closed. By the way I'm on plavix and aspirin325 with perfect blood pressure.
Skip P., Holmdel, New Jersey, USA, February 17, 2010

• I had angina upon exertion and coded during my treadmill exam. LAD 99% blocked, two stents later, beta blockers, Plavix, etc. I feel well at resting heart rates but begin to feel the burn whenever I exercise moderately, go out in the cold or after a heavy meal. I take a nitro tab and that relieves the angina but I get the nitro headache. I'm glad it's not my imagination as it seems I'm certainly not alone. All the tests say I should be like new, I am very much improved but not what I'd hoped for. It seems to be gradually improving or I'm getting used to it, It's been three months.
Sam Young, San Lorenzo, California, USA, February 13, 2010

• I had angioplasty very recently (8th Feb) and experience more or less the same as mentioned above. Very similar to hypo.
MD Randall, Hong Kong, February 12, 2010

• This may be the best site to help us who have angina/severe chest pain post drug eluding stent. See my earlier posts on this forum. I have had severe terrible chest pain since morning after large Cypher implanted. Tried 50 or more types of prescriptions, all statins, all beta blockers, hundreds of types of supplements, painkillers, EECP, stem cell surgery in Thailand (waste of $30,000), chelation, Phosphytidlcholine IV therapy, 4 angioplasties, Ornish diet, various aerobic exercises and on and on, all useless for me. Creatine Pyruvate with light weight training (important combo) helps me reduce chest pain better than anything now 2.5 months into it. Not perfect, but reduces my pain very noticeable say 50% at times. Still watching this to see if it continues. Studies show pyruvate could restore endothelial function of coronary vessels. When I stop pyruvate, pain very severe in 2 days. Back on, big pain reduction. Tested this over and ove r. 2 other companies also make/sell creatine pyruvate, but only this one seems effective on me. Best thing I tried by far. Will report back in 3 months. Note: make sure it is creatine pyruvate, not calcium pyruvate.
Steve from Florida, Palm Beach, Florida, USA, February 4, 2010

• I had a stent placed on 1-19-10 for 75% blockage. I am 62 yrs old. My main symptom was shortness of breath. That has been mostly relieved. Since coming home, I have not felt very good with slight chest pressure, lack of appetite and low energy. Is this just part of the recovery period?
Gayle V., Kearney, Nebraska, USA, February 2, 2010

• had 2 medicated stents placed on jan 7 2009. 95% blockage in descending lad. my symptoms were crushing pain in my chest with minor exertion. since the stents i have had regular soreness in the center of my chest, even when resting, almost every day. doc says i am fine, several visits and an echo cardiogram all normal. the soreness leads to serious anxiety. going for an exercise stress test tomorrow.
Mitch, New York, USA, January 27, 2010

• my husband has got a heart attack and underwent angioplasty and one stenting. It is three weeks past. what precautions has to be taken now. Can he start the regular activities like walking etc. Yesterday i observed him taking a deep breath and now and then he is belching and burping and gas release through anus. pl suggest us the remedy.
Jayashri, State Bank of Hyddrabad, Bangalore, January 26, 2010

• My husband went into surgery for renal artery Stent, came out with heart Stent. That was Oct. 09 and he has never recovered. He is EXHAUSTED and sleeps all the time, he falls asleep as soon as he sits down somewhere. He has had 2 bouts of Bronchitis since October and is now having night fevers. He is 58 but I swear he seems older then my 78 year old dad. Hubby is adopted so no family history. I feel like I am losing him and his family doctor is pretty useless, just keeps ordering more medications. He is currently taking, Procardia 30mg and 60 mg, Toprol XL, water pill, Metformin, Insulin, Simvastatin,Plavix,Aspirin,Bystolic, Clonidine, Lisinopril.
JJP, Chicago, Illinois, USA, January 25, 2010

• Year 2000 I had an Heart Attack and was given a Stent in the right artery and following week, due to breathing problems had a double bypass on the left side (No Plavix). In Dec 2009 had a rock feeling in the middle of my chest, so all X-rays/blood test showed normal but due to my CABG the hospital perform an catheterization which showed the lower right artery blocked and the double bypass was also blocked, so I had 3 Stents,Cordis, inserted. the following day was discharge and started taking Plavix,the next day I developed sleeping problems and a modest chest pain. I didn't have a follow up doctor appt until the next month, so after 2 weeks of this I went back to ER and was told I had Aerophagy. Well the med's for this didn't help so I went to another hospital ER and their ER placed me as an inpatient and I was given an Echo/Ct Scan and the following day another Catheterization, and to my knowledge the doctor didn't give me a dye for looking at all the arteries, but the doctor stated all 4 stents were Clear? Could you answer a question Please, What's your Opinion about possible Breathing difficulties after stent placement?
David H., St. Louis, Missouri, USA, January 19, 2010

• Ok folks here is my story. My name is Tom , 53 year old male I though i was in reasonable health for a Diabetic. I am not over weight 6'2 200lbs, Had chest pains, shortness of breath and cold sweat on an afternoon in Nov of 2007. Blew that off till returned a week later went to the emergency room and had a stress test. Nothing showed up however I new something was wrong fired that doctor hired another and had a cardiac cath 30 days later. The doc was great and inserted nine drug-eluting stents 5 in left coronary artery and 4 in the circumflex artery. A year later i had two more put in just for good measure. I was depressed and scared all to hell to tell you the truth. Since then I am doing great. I take plavix, aspirin, and a host of blood pressure, diabetic, and Cholesterol medication. I exercise 3- 4 days a week and feel good. To all that have had this done all I can say is you know your body, fight for knowledge like i have. I fired the first doctor because i knew something was wrong and the second did not think he would find anything, SURPRISE SURPRISE. Keep the faith and good luck
Tom Knight, Dunbar, West Virginia, USA, January 17, 2010

• 48 years old had one stent in 5/09 at U of Iowa. Have felt bad ever since. Think twice before you go in, it might change your life. Dr Johnson was Cardiologist haven't heard from her since. Was told she will be calling to check with me. Don't hold your breath.
Lee McLaughlin, Bettendorf, Iowa, USA, January 16, 2010

• 65 yr WM. On 9/2/09 had two drug-eluting stents installed, one in proximal LAD and one in right coronary artery. Already on Lisinopril, post-stent, doc prescribed Clopidogrel, Simvastatin and 81mg aspirin. 20 days later broke out in hives with extreme pain and itching in both hands. Took myself off Simvastatin, told doc what I'd done, and within two weeks most of these reactions cleared up. Doc disagreed, however, that reactions were triggered by Simvastatin. Since stenting, have had first: intermittent"pangs," "twinges," minor "stabs" (seemingly triggered with quick turning of the head when (say) looking over shoulder to make a lane change), and other assorted minor--but disturbing--discomforts behind and above my sternum. Have commented to wife that it feels like the stents are "sticking out" in my chest. Doc thinks it's in my head. More recently, mild "blooming" angina-like discomfort--nearing pain--is often continuous and in same location. Doc talked me back into the Simvastatin in early December and, so far, hives/pain/itching hasn't re-erupted. So, I'm 4 1/2 months after stenting and still wondering what's really going on in there. Sound familiar?
AA, Amarillo, Texas, USA, January 15, 2010

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