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Not Feeling Well After Stenting (2011 archive)

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Many patients feel very well after having a stent implanted, with relief of angina and other symptoms. But some patients have written that they experience the opposite and feel less well, at least for a period. This could be due to a variety of causes. To support others who may be in a similar situation, post here to describe your symptoms, and especially if they were resolved.

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Archived Postings from 2011 on This Page (163):

• Mini14 in New York and Etris in Mass -- Effient and Plavix (along with aspirin) are prescribed after stenting to keep the blood "slippery" and prevent a clot from forming inside the stent, a.k.a. stent thrombosis. This can be a very dangerous situation so taking these drus is important. But all drugs have side-effects, some are dizziness, light-headedness, etc. and all people react a bit differently. One friend of ours can't tolerate statins at all and felt much better when he stopped taking them. But, of course, this was done with his cardiologist's consultation, since you should never stop a drug without discussing it with your doc. If your blood count is good, it may be a drug side-effect and it's possible to change the dose or substitute another med. And Etris, also check out and post to our Topic on Exercise After Stenting, where you may find some more info and also ask questions of other patients. Many have returned to very vigorous activity, marathon running, even Iron Man triatholons. It sounds like you are fit and in good physician condition. We assume you don't smoke. So why your plaque would "rupture" is an unknown -- it's probably not due to exercise, but wha does your cardio say. Obviously 28 is a very young age to have this issue.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 2, 2012

• I had a heart attack 2 months ago at the age of 28. 2 stents were put in. I'm feeling uneasy about playing sports again because that's how the heart attack was triggered by rupturing the plaque buildup. Since then I'm on Lipitor / Metoprolol / Effient / Aspirin / Lisinopril (I think). I feel minor effects of the medication and stents on random occasions such as shortness of breath / minor numbness in the left arm / angina. The doctor is aware of these issues and everything is OK. My real issue is depression and dealing with the stress of eating or working out vigorously again. Can I trust the medication and healthy eating to "protect" me from another attack if I played sports?
Etris, Winchester, Massachusetts, USA, December 22, 2011

• HAD 100% LAD blockage, massive heart attack, 3 stents put in, on Plavix, Lopressor, Lipitor and aspirin. I feel light headed and dizzy, huge appetite, want to sleep a lot but don't. currently taking only 12 mg of Lopressor due to low BP. I'm now having slight stabbing pain in heart not really bothering me but has me concerned, I was stented 3 weeks ago I'm 42 years old. Also are there less expensive drugs other then Plavix i have no drug coverage. Is the Plavix and aspirin making me dizzy ?
Mini14, New York, USA, December 21, 2011

• Vishnuanand -- cloipidogrel and aspirin, two drugs that need to be taken after stenting, can cause gastric upset. Your doctor can prescribe several different drugs to relieve this symptom, but your father should not stop taking clopidogrel and aspirin under any circumstances because they are very important to prevent blood clots from blocking the stent.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 21, 2011

• my dad has under gone angioplasty his age is 63, today suddenly shown same symptom as show earlier when he had heart attack, but doctor till now not confirmed any thing like that.. is this gastritis or there is some thing wrong...he has history of gastric pain and also diabetic with high blood pressure.
Vishnuanand, Jamshedpur, India, December 21, 2011

• Sherri in South Carolinaand Rose in UK -- Depression is a known after-effect of many medical procedures, especially when you do not experience the relief you've been hoping for. But it is true that some meds can make these feelings more profound. Unfortunately, in our country, post-procedure rehab nd counseling often does not deal with these issues. But perhaps there is a group in your hospital or town that your doctor or a heart organization might refer you to. The question is if your heart is getting sufficient oxygen, something that can be determined with tests. Other than that, you need to reduce any risk factors under your control (smoking, diet, exercise, etc.) -- but getting in a rehab group could definitely benefit you -- a place where you can share your stories, problems and successes.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 21, 2011

• Hi my mother is 87yrs and was always very fit and active for her age, Last year she started to feel unwell and out of breath, 10 weeks ago so had a heart attack and since then has had 2 stents put in. she has been home now nearly 3 weeks and is ill all the time. She feels sickly, tired, her ears buzz,her heart racers, no energy and around her lips go cold, is there anyone else on here that age had stents and have you had any problems. I also think she is depressed.
Rose, Seaham County, Durham, UK, December 20, 2011

• Had Qui-triple bypass for 4 blockages in 2008-recovered well. Artery used was from left arm and he became blocked twice more causing a heart attack in 5-30-11 & 11-22-11. One stent in 5-11 and three stents in 11-11. Now three weeks have passed and I am so weak require constant sleep. Some shortness of breath. Worried, every ache and pain is causing depression. I have no life, don't care in any activity. Wondering if meds are causing many of side effects such as joint pain, shortness of breath, depression, anxiety. Have trouble controlling high B/P & Cholesterol (unable to take statin drugs!) Seems all I do is whine and complain to love ones out of fear - have confidence in physicians, yet they are human also. I just think they expect me to return to a normal life and I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel. A nurse told me it could take 2-4 months for my body to fully recover from the procedure my body endured. Who is right?? I am watching my sugar, hope to stay off insulin. My family genes are enough to scare you into bad health as they none had long lives. I have seen so much death in my family from cardio issues. I am a 54 yr. old female and my doctors just scratch their heads
Sherri, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA, December 17, 2011

• Ref to maxi, BNH, UK problem posted on August 2011. I also face the similar problem hearing heart beat and whistling in ear. I wish to know from maxi does his cardiologist suggested any remedy and how he feel now.
SMG India, Karnal, Haryana, India, December 14, 2011

• Shannon in Kentucky -- When you report that "two stents failed" two days after they were placed, we can't tell from that what the specific situation was -- it's probably not that the stents "failed", but that a blood clot (thrombosis) developed immediate post-stenting. This can be caused by several things -- one is not enough antiplatelet medications (Effient or Plavix or Brilinta along with aspirin) -- his allergy to aspirin may be a factor here. We're also not sure what you mean by "the angio was done 3 inches too high", but it sounds like he had a bleeding complication in the femoral or related artery, possibly from the femoral artery needle puncture for the catheter -- and that blood leaked into his stomach and had to be repaired. He also has suffered some damage to the heart muscle, that would be from the heart attack. The pain he is feeling sounds very specific and, if it continues, he should talk to the cardiologists who were caring for him.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 14, 2011

• on 10/18/11 my husband had a heart attack and had 2 stents, by 10/20/11 the two stents failed. They did another angio and doped him up and let him ride out the M/I. On 11/6 he was readmitted for pneumonia. On 11/9 was readmitted for congestive heart failure. On 11/19 was admitted for another heart attack which was said the angio was done 3 inches too high and he developed internal bleeding which was fixed by another stent in the abdomen. In 6 weeks time he had 6 angiograms, pulled off all blood pressure meds (pressure is now too low and spikes often) taken off Effient and only takes Renexa and Zocor no aspirin allergic. They told him it will take time for the blood in his belly to dissipate. They also told him he has lost 10 to 20 % of the hearts pumping function and the lower portion of the heart is dead. Today he is worried because the area that was stented in the belly is hurting him and he gasps for breath at times when pain hits hard. Could this be some of the phantom pain people talk of? No one is calling him back and he doesn't know if this is normal. He is 38 and after the last 6 weeks does not want to go back to the ER.
Shannon W, Elsmere, Kentucky, USA, December 14, 2011

• Dan P in Tennessee -- Swelling in the groin and testicles after a catheter-based procedure, when it's done from the femoral (groin) artery is not exactly "normal", but it also is not necessarily serious. It's a known complication of the femoral-access procedure. If the swelling doesn't go down, or if a purple bruise-type color appears and spreads, you should call your cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 14, 2011

• My son age 44 had two stents place Dec. 3. He was sent home after 30 hours. Now he has swelling in groin and testicles. Doctor doesn't seem worried. Told to lay on back and come back next week. Is this normal or can any other treatment help?
Dan P., retired, Sparta,Tennessee, USA, December 12, 2011

• Clara -- Back pain is actually one of the symptoms of an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). But since your husband's was treated, he shouldn't be suffering from that anymore. Have you brought this to the attention of the vascular surgeon or cardiologist who did the stent procedure? It may also be due to having to lie flat for so long. But since his back surgeon said there's nothing wrong, we're not sure it would be due to that. Contact the physician who did the procedure and let us know what he/she says. Also check out our topic on AAA. Posting to that might get some answers from readers.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 10, 2011

• My husband had a stent implanted in the aorta the due to an abdomen aneurysm. Right after the surgery and the anesthesia wore out, he felt a horrible pain in the lower back, and ever since 2009 every day and night, until this very day (December 2011) the pain in his back has never left. The stent was put through his groins. He saw a back surgeon, and there is nothing wrong with his back. And up to the day of surgery he had never had a back pain. What do you suppose is the reason for that awful suffering?
Clara, Houston, Texas, USA, December 6, 2011

• Sally in Ohio -- Haven't heard of this coolness. Perhaps some readers have experienced this?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 6, 2011

• Hello I had drug eluding [eluting] stent placed in LAD {80% blockage} in September 2011. Experienced burning in chest the first week, panicked and had second cath which showed no blockage. Continued chest burning for two weeks, doc did not know and referred me to GI doc. Did not go and finally sensation left. But now after intense walking about 40 minutes, I am experiencing coolness in chest. I don't want to give up exercise because overall it makes me feel better. Any answers as to the coolness in chest after exercise would be appreciated.
Sally, Mansfield, Ohio, USA, December 5, 2011

• Kenny Cee in Pittsburgh -- One of the known adverse side-effects of dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) which is Effient (or Plavix) and aspirin is bleeding. You say that you are pale at times. Has your cardiiologist checked you for this? Is your blood count okay? If you are taking Effient, your doctor may be able to prescribe a Proton Pump Inhibitor which could help with the gastric stomach distress.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 5, 2011

• I received two stents on November 5, 2011 after a heart attack. I was being made sick by metoprolol and Lipitor. I bloated like I was carrying a basketball in my stomach. Doctor took me off of the two meds mentioned above and the bloating has ceased. Yet, I remain on Effient and aspirin which makes my stomach very sick and I am in a constant state of dizziness. Doctor tells me I cannot stop the Effient or aspirin. I am also getting very pale at times. Has anyone experienced this? Also my left carotid is blocked, I will know more about that on the 15th of December.
Kenny Cee, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, December 5, 2011

• Shapsjs from Massachusetts -- Just curious. Did your cardiologist confirm correct stent placement using intravascular ultrasound (IVUS)? As for spasm, it hopefully will lessen with the meds you are taking. Please let The Forum know how things progress over the next week or so. It will be helpful to others.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 5, 2011

• 3 wks ago had Boston Scientific Promus stent placed in LAD. After 1 week, noticed angina worse than before. Cardiologist ordered nuclear stress test I failed it and was ushered into the cath lab directly. During angiogram, Cardiologist confirmed correct stent placement, but noted strong spasm of LAD causing flow reduction above and below stent. Trigger of spasms unknown. Nitroglycerin during angioplasty relaxed arteries. After angio, Added diltaizem, amlodipine to maintain relax, and prednisone in case of allergic issue. 3 days later, still have slight angina occasionally. Definitely reduced from before. Has anyone experienced post stenting arterial spasms?
Shapsjs, Cardiology patient, Arlington, Massachusetts, USA, December 4, 2011

• since my stents being put in heart i am having awful headaches. Like a brain freeze. Worse when i lay down. Went to ER. did a spinal tap and MRI and was normal. This has been going on since surgery. Never have so much as had a sinus headache.
Louise, Gulfport, Mississippi, USA, December 3, 2011

• I am a 56 year old male, that has had high blood pressure for about 15 years. On Oct. 7th had a Cardiac Catheterization because of chest pains. They found a 70% blockage in the LAD. Told me to go home and take a blood thinner. Then on November 7th, had a large stent put in. Went home next day and still had chest pain. Blood thinners did make my body feel different. Last weekend still having chest pains and went in for another Cardiac Catheterization and they found everything was working fine. Chest pains still occurring. I Do not feel any different then I did before the stent. However was told if no stent was not put in, I could have had a heart attack within a year. To early to tell the difference. But do not expect to be pain free. Have lost 21-lbs in 3 months. It is all about your diet.
FC, San Diego, California, USA, November 30, 2011

• After my heart attack in July 2010, I had three stents inserted in my Circumflex Artery. Since then I have suffered continued shortness of breath whilst doing the simplest of tasks and can't use my treadmill for longer than a few minutes. My specialists have given me all the heart and lung tests you could imagine but still no improvement. I recently had a pneumonia immunisation and was also put on Panadol Osteo for some joint pain but now the problem is even worse. I even get very short of breath when I'm having a long conversation. I am wondering if the combination of meds I am taking has caused this problem. My Cardiologist is at a loss to know why this is happening. Have also gained 10 kilo's since my attack (gave up smoking but deliberately didn't change eating habits for fear of weight gain) and as I'm quite small in stature I feel/look absolutely obese now, which can't be healthy. My meds are now only 100mg Aspirin, 75mg Clopidogrel, 40mg Lipitor and 25mg Spiractin. Have reduced HRT "Livial" to one tablet every 2nd day. Stress level now gets high and patience is ZERO! Can anyone please help me solve the riddle as to why this is so?
Pam L., Adelaide, Australia , November 30, 2011

• Hi. Had a heart attack 6 weeks ago, a stent was put in had another stent put in 2 weeks ago but the vascular seal busted had trambon injections inserted into my groin twice to stop the bleeding that was 10 days ago just started to walk again but feeling tightness in chest area and then pain in my head, my heart increases to 120 just walking. I'm 44 male fitness instructor never smoke/drink with a resting heart rate of 40/50bpm please can you tell me if this is normal? My leg also gets sore and turns different colour walking????
marty5028, Ireland, November 28, 2011

• I had 3 eluting stents placed in my 99% blocked LAD on 11-3-11. My doctor said no heart attack, lucky at that ! After about a week, began to feel slight dizziness and shortness of breath, with exertion or without. I`m hoping it drug related and would like to know if these symptoms will improve. i`m scheduled for another appointment and 2 more stents in an 80% and a 60% blockage on Dec, 8. I`m going to call about the shortness of breath tomorrow as I felt better before the stents, an a Backpacker and Hiker, 58 years old. Any feedback would be welcome.
rjhyden, Teague, Texas, USA, November 20, 2011

• This past September 2010, I had two stents put in because I had blockage in my right artery. I was put on Plavix and aspirin. After a few days of being on Plavix, I had all of the symptoms of Plavix with blood in my stools, excessive blood, and only wanted to sit around and I was a very active person and could hardly ever keep me sitting down. I have lost a lot of strength that I use to have. I walked two miles a day and now do not even care. Like ad38 in Kansas, I have had depression, flutters in my heart and am not as happy as I use to be before this. Does anyone have any suggestions. I see a lot of questions, but hardly any answers to people's questions and answers, if possible, would be great to us that need them. Any idea why I would have heart flutters and lack of energy?
snickers, Roseville, Michigan, USA, November 20, 2011

• I had a stent put in my neck and been having problem every since keeping having some type of muscle stress in my neck feel like something is choking me my muscle in my neck on the right side tightens up. please help
Anita , Sardis, Mississippi, USA, November 17, 2011

• 46 year old female in NY -- Read the posts just below yours about reactions to statins. That may or may not be your problem but you should consult with your cardiologist about this issue (it is not recommended for any patient to alter their prescribed meds without discussing it with their doctor).

And Lysmykita in Toronto -- Glad to hear of your success. We would guess the increased oxygen to your heart is havin all kinds of beneficial effect, including emotional ones!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 17, 2011

• I had 3 coronary stents inserted last Tuesday. Am ecstatic as am full of energy. Do things which I would have delayed previously. Physically significantly improvements. Main symptom post operative is the change in my psyche and the ability to reason. Is there any explanation for that? I feel like I have been reborn. Any insight into this improvement would be appreciated.
Lysmykita, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, November 16, 2011

• I am 46, female, was very healthy, thin, no medical issues, don't smoke or drink, no family history. Had one DES stent put in LAD in July, 2011. Had chest pain and shortness of breath for 6 weeks post the procedure. I have been having dizzy spells with weakness for one month, some days better than others. I had a stress test two weeks ago, which was negative, still can't find any causes so far. My medications are: Plavix, aspirin and Lipitor. Any thoughts?
46 year old female, New York, USA, November 14, 2011

• BC in Washington -- Very interesting and thank you for posting your follow-up. Your experience is not isolated at all. A number of patients have negative reactions to some statin drugs and your scientific clinical trial of one shows that as well. Thank you again and best to you in your recovery.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 14, 2011

Follow-up to my October 14 post. With respect to my tingling, the doctor had prescribed aspirin, Plavix, and Simvastatin. As it would work out, my 30 day supply of Simvastatin ran out on my 1 month anniversary. I spaced out picking up the next months supply and due to an issue of logistics was without this medication for 5 days. Towards the end of the period, the tingling was almost gone. The cardiologist's office told me the issue didn't sound like something that was related to their treatment. My Dr. told me tingling wasn't in the top 30 or so side effects of Simvastatin. However he knows I'm a data kind of guy and suggested I go back on the drug to see what would happen. He did say it's not a drug you want to generally go on and off of. I went back on and the tingling started again in a few days. When I went off of the drug, it took a few days, but the tingling cleared. I did that again with the same results. Needless to say, I'm not taking Simvastatin. I will follow up to see if there is an alternate drug that might be better suited to me. In my instance, cholesterol was not an issue. The statin was prescribed because of its anti-inflammatory properties.
BC, Washington, USA, November 13, 2011

• One alternative might be a CT angiogram, which is non-invasive. Has he mentioned this?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 10, 2011

• had echo test and chemical stress test. Dr. wants to do catheterization to look at dark spots on pointed part of heart.78 years old, no symptoms except shortness of breath when lying down, and coughing from bronchitis, and high cholesterol. Take no meds except for asthma. This procedure seems too invasive for my symptoms. Dr. says stress test could be wrong but should not be ignored. I work part-time, exercise daily, slightly over-weight, generally feel good. Is second opinion in order? No history of heart-disease in family, non-smoker (did smoke 35 years ago) Could meds and diet take care of this before doing catheterization? Dr. says don't wait til I quit coughing to have this test. I don't want to do the test. Please advise. spots on pointed part of heart. Wants to do catheterization
Primrose, Kemah, Texas, USA, November 4, 2011

• Jemcus812 in Ohio -- More info in the Topic on "Peripheral Angioplasty and Stenting". Stents don't seem to do as well in the peripheral arteries (e.g. legs) as in the heart, and they seem more prone to fracturing.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 2, 2011

• I've not seen this posted- My (87yo) father has (2) badly fractured/Broken stents - upper thigh and above his knee on the same leg- He's 100% blocked - Can these stents be removed or repaired ??? His toes are now starting to turn dark deep purple -- we are going to a specialist that said it will be difficult but might be able to help -- otherwise he will go for a bypass or graft- ; if they can't repair- will a bypass or graft work for renewed blood and oxygen to his feet?? thanks
Jemcu812, L&M family of 7, Dayton, Ohio, USA, October 31, 2011

• I've had 5 stents over the past 6 years. The first two left me feeling like I had all the energy in the world. Recently I lost my job and with it my health insurance. I ran out of meds after one month, and went without most of my meds for three months. I started a new job only to run up against the old familiar chest pains. Another stent was added. This time, an all metal non drug eluting stent. After the stent, I expected to have the same sort of experience as previously. This time, I've had major mood swings, depression, elation, back and forth. Chest pains with the slightest exertion accompany my day. My only real question at this point is, will this go away? I'm on all my meds now and other than the angina, don't feel like there's anything wrong. I can see no reason for any of this, nothing's really different except I'm on Effient instead of Plavix.
oldgoat, Collins, Missouri, USA, October 31, 2011

• A general response to all posters: we have mentioned before that there is for some people a feeling of unease after a procedure is done. Some of it is sensitivity to the fact that they had disease and worry over every "twinge and ache", as txoostdyk from Dallas writes below. These feelings should pass in a short while, especially as you regain normal activity levels. Some patients find they are able to do more than before and in effect, they wind up healthier. As for burning sensations, extreme tiredness, these may be effects from the various medications that stent patients are put on after the procedure. These are important to take, but perhaps they may need adjustment (dosage or change to a similar drug) so we always urge patients who are not feeling right to consult with their cardiologists. Burning or gastric issues specifically may be related to the antiplatelet meds (Plavix or Effient and aspirin) -- your cardiologist should be able to help you there.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 30, 2011

• I had two stents and ever since have been drained of all energy. All I want is sleep and more sleep.
sponko, UK, October 30, 2011

• Had 3 stents put in MLAD on Monday. Generally feeling well but find myself constantly "taking inventory" of how I'm feeling, all twinges and aches are a matter of concern . . . Hard to know what is real (post-procedure discomfort - heart hurts) and what is fear. Any thoughts?
txoostdyk, Dallas, Texas, USA, October 28, 2011

• May 11 had 1 Abbott stent LAD 85% blockage NO symptoms discovered as i had a stress test after 3 years. Felt great .back in gym 5 days later and still feel the same as before except for occasional burning type sensation around the bottom of heart and sometimes top going into armpit and arm. Have taken anti acid prescribed by Doc but has made no difference. Blood tests normal. Should i get another stress test when i see Doc in Nov. or is this just something i need to live with as Doc says I am OK, How often do they go back in to see if everything is OK if this burning sensation continues.
Marc, Florida, USA, October 27, 2011

• Dear All -- My dad had his angioplasty 10 days back and they put a stent to LAD. The docs say the blockage was above 90%...after almost 8 days, he has developed mild breathlessness especially if he sits or moves... he's been put on plagetine, ecosprin, lipicure, tolol xr, ramipress, torsinex and trika...he's complaining of immense weakness as well...pls suggest..
Nisha Sachdeva, Pathankot, India, October 24, 2011

• i had stent surgery a week ago,and now I having burning in the chest should i be worried?
chest burning after stent surgery, Lake Orion, Michigan, USA, October 23, 2011

• Hi. My dad (age 60) has had Angioplasty done three days ago (14/10/2011). It was his first ever major surgery and has never had any major health issues prior to this. Since this surgery his BP has been continuously low (around 85/65) and he feels weak. I know it has only been three days but is it normal ? Is there something we should be concerned about ? many thanks in anticipation
raghur, UK, October 20, 2011

• Joyce -- thank YOU for your kind comments. It is great to hear from patients who got past the initial adjustment and are feeling well again, hopefully even better! That is the point of doing these interventions: to help people feel better, less pain, more able to do the things they want to.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 20, 2011

• Thanks for your site, it has answered several questions for me. I am glad to hear other experiences and don't feel so alone. Now 5 weeks post stenting with drug coated stent in 90% blocked LAD and finally feeling as good as before the stent. I can now get my shoes on, something I hadn't been able to do for 4 months due to foot and ankle swelling. I hope the medical field begins to listen to old women with history of chest pain with negative EKGs and stress tests!!! After being treated for ??angina?? for years, I felt like a whining old woman. We girls might be tougher about pain than you think!!! Luckily the thallium test revealed a possible treatable problem for me. There is still a 60% block in the right and several insignificant blocks elsewhere but I am better. Whoopee!!
Joyce, Illinois, USA, October 19, 2011

• Amelia (or Sylvia) in Nottingham -- Question -- was the catheter inserted at the femoral (leg/groin) site or the radial (wrist). And which side, right or left? It's possible that the electric shock feeling might be trauma to the nerve, especially if this was done via the femoral approach. As you can read in this topic, patients experience a number of "side effects" after stenting. Certainly her body is recovering from the heart attack, but also may be reacting to new drugs that she is suddenly taking. Has she reported this to her cardiologist? If not, you should discuss this with him/her.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 23, 2011

• My sister had massive heart attack 4 weeks ago & had stent inserted. She is suffering shortness of breath, tiredness, but is especially worried about a severe feeling of weakness on her left side followed by a sensation of an electric shock moving down her left side & when this happens she cannot control her left leg or left arm. Do you have any idea what this could be please? She is terrified every time it happens. Thanks in anticipation of your reply. Sylvia.
Amelia, Nottingham, UK, October 23, 2011

• BC in Washington -- We would agree that it doesn't sound stent-related, but it might be a sensitivity to one or more of your meds -- sometimes these reactions don't show up for several weeks. Let the Forum know what you find out during your upcoming appointment.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 15, 2011

• I had a DES implanted 5 weeks ago for a 99% LAD. I've been told I should buy a lottery ticket. Normal day to day stuff prior didn't lead me to believe I had any problem. It was only when I was out running/biking and pushed the HR above 140. I had no normal risk factors other than a family history on one side. Even with the 99% blockage, the Dr. said I had 65% efficiency. Other than the mental aspects of "Why me?" and being more hypersensitive to anything, I had not issues until hours after my 1 month appt. Everything had looked good. Since then, I've had tingling (pins and needles) in my left hand. It later included my right hand to a lesser degree and on occasion is felt in my feet and even crotch. I've done the usual searches and see this pop up occasionally - even in this forum. No one seems to have a resolution. I do have an appt. with my primary care physician, but they didn't seem too worried. The cardiologist's office says it doesn't sound stent related. Any thoughts?
BC, Washington, USA, October 14, 2011

• Unlucky 13 -- Atherosclerosis (building up of plaque inside the arteries) is a chronic and system-wide disease. So, if you've had significant blockages in your coronary arteries, it is possible that you have similar issues in other areas -- for example your leg arteries. Has your cardiologist suggested possible blockages in your legs? We assume, of course, that you are doing everything you can to reduce your risk factors: stopping smoking, controlling diet, staying on prescribed meds, etc.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 14, 2011

• Had three stents implanted in 99. That felt so good I decided to get a couple more in 2000. Again in 03, 04, 06 and 07. I'm now up to 13 stents total. While I recovered fairly well the first couple times, each successive stent implant has left me feeling a little worse that the last time. I continue to have angina and with very little exertion, I get completely winded. My last cath showed the stents were all wide open. I can no longer stand for more than an hour or two. My legs always seem weak, as well as the rest of me, but because my job requires me to stand all day (which I can no longer do), my legs are the most notable. I have diabetes with some neuropathy and two bulging discs in my spine, but neither appear to be the cause. We've tried removing and changing meds, but none of that has worked. Have had numerous tests done by my family doctor and a well respected neurologist, but it's all come out negative.
Unlucky 13, Ozark, Alabama, USA, October 13, 2011

• HR70 -- You are most welcome!!! Glad our Forum has been of help to you.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 9, 2011

• Thank you for this forum. It has answered or justified many of the questions and concerns I have had since my stent placement 1 month ago. My Cardiologist seem to disregard my concerns and questions. He has offered no program or direction for rehab so I am researching on my own (he has OK'd a return to normal activity). Your information has given my a sense of what is normal and what may not be. Thank you again.
HR70, California, USA, October 9, 2011

• NanaRose -- Thanks for sending in this info. You didn't give us the link to Dr. Bairey-Merz's article, but here's one we found. -- Dr. Mertz is one of a growing number of cardiologists (mostly women) who have been focusing on the microvascular circulation. We've discussed some of this in our interview with Dr. William Fearon of Stanford who is working with Dr. Jennifer Tremmel on being able to measure this more accurately. And yes, angiograms do not tell all. Check out our just posted article about how Intravascular Ultrasound can see things that angiography cannot.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 8, 2011

• You asked about post-op stenting. I had 4 DES placed in 2004. Two in LAD and two in RCA. This for on and off severe angina attacks. Interventionalist said I will not have any more pain.He was dead wrong! Severe out of the blue, non exercise induced attacks, continued. He dismissed me. The Big Jerk!I had Microvascular (small vessel disease) that you cannot see via regular angiogram. These vessels spasm for various reasons and cannot be stented. (more in women than men) Nitro does take the pain away. I switched doctors after seeing a great article on this written by Dr. Noel Bairey-Mertz at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. So now I carry around 3 DES Cyphers and One other (forgot the name) that were not needed. Not all doctors put their pants on the same way. Rose...Good Luck To Everyone.
nanaRose, Houston, Texas, USA, October 7, 2011

• Tony from Rhode Island -- You have a complex situation (treating closed bypass grafts with stents) and we'll guess that your cardiologist may schedule you for an angiogram to see what, if anything, is going on. Perhaps the stents need to be post-dilated. Let rthe Forum know what they find.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 6, 2011

• Male 77, had a 3-shunt by-pass in 2004, was good on Plavix + aspirin, norvasc, till recently. On September 7, 2011 had a cath, coronary blockages revealed, got 3 drug-eluded stents, was OK few several days. Gradually, chest pain accompanied with bp ups and downs came. Complained to my Doc, suspected artery spasms. He replaced norvasc with ranexa 500 mg twice a day, helped a little, still no improvement. By October beginning, experienced very bad days. During last 2 days severe (like heart-attack) symptoms, bp up to above 200/100, exhausted, weakened, feel miserable. Will see my Doc the day after tomorrow, seems need hospital examination. Hope for good but do not know what to expect.Will keep posting, any immediate advise, comments appreciated.
Tony, Retired teacher, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA, October 4, 2011

• KWM in Canada -- We'll be interested if other patients have had similar experiences. It is definitely true that emotions and "memory" can cause symptoms and pain. Is it possible you are experiencing acid reflux -- this burning in the chest can sometims be gastric stress caused by the Plavix and aspirin therapy required after stenting. Your doctor can prescribe something to relieve this (but definitely do not stop taking these meds!!).
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 4, 2011

• I had angioplasty with two stent on August 31,2011. I was ok for about two weeks then I started to feel some mild burning sensation in my chest then it radiates to my back and my left arm, then it stops for about 15 -30 min the it starts again. I went to ER and they admitted me and run all tests CG, Blood works, Chest x-ray, echo-cardiogram and stress test with radioactive isotope all test came negative. As a matter of fact during my stress test I reached 15 min with 93%. The cardiologist concluded that it has nothing to do with my heart, they think I may be imagining the pain due to fear of happening again. I was discharged from the hospital about 7 days ago and I still have the same symptoms. Has anyone else experienced the same symptoms, if so can shade some light if it will ever stop, or if there is any treatment for this. Thank you in advance.
KWM, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, October 3, 2011

• Well i am 45 year old male and i had an heart attack in january 2011.. I had a stent placed then, plus other one in February 2011 due to a stenosis in other coronary.. I am in plavix, cardio aspirin, vastarel and crestor and honestly i feel quite well ...i need just to lose some overweight i have.. In response to those who feel chest pain ,according to my experience they must be take an high doses of the medicine for example Vastarel ,since that can be caused by small coronary stenosis that can give such discomfort but not risk of infarct!!! I had asked that to my cardiologist and in result increasing the dose of the anti angina pectoris medicine i feel ok.. I hope that can help,,,!!! Concerning the bad feeling of losing trust in bur self and loneliness well i consult to don't think about ,or at least try to don't ...put in this way: nobody know when things good or bad can happen just live ur life as best you can.. I was depressed for few months but now i realize that the best way its to think as i wrote.
Mauro, Athens, Greece, September 30, 2011

• 71 year old male. Had a DES stent implant in May. Went for a an 11 mile and strenuous hike in August, one which I had done 3 years ago without any major issues. This time only got 1/2 way when I ran low on energy. Rested for a bit, and then went on to mile 8, but only VERY SLOWLY and pausing before each uphill portion. Arrived at campsite weak, leg cramps, totally spent. Slept well, but next day lacked a lot of energy. Completed the last 3 miles but again, only very slowly, particularly on uphill portions. Is it the stent? Is it my age? Haven't seen my docs yet so am wondering if anyone here can clue me in: Will I ever be back to pre-op condition? Thanks CM
Cmason, Charles Town, West Virginia, USA, September 21, 2011

• This is a reply to the person hearing a whistling or ringing in his ears. This could be caused by a high dose of aspirin. Please ask your doctor about this, because it sounds like you are getting too much blood thinner.
Ky nurse, Drakesboro, Kentucky, USA, September 21, 2011

• i also live with stent but i not feel well...if u hv any....please....
vicky, the space, ahmedabad, India, September 19, 2011

• I had a stent fitted in July and I am now still having pain in the heart area which may be indigestion related-but why is it always on the left side of my chest and not the right? My doctor's attitude is "we can we give you something for the indigestion" but he doesn't seem to want to investigate the cause!
Ian, London, UK, September 17, 2011

• I am a 69 y/o female, had chest pain on a Friday, waited to see the dr until Mon, my routine appt. Had drug coated stent placed for 90% block LAD, (still have 60% block R main ) on Tues. Released from hosp on Wed. To see family dr next Thurs. On plavix, Aspirin, cozaar, metoprolol, imdur,lasix, insulin as well as meds for bronchitis. ( Dr stopped statin due to elevated CPK. Have home health care, nurse found atrial fib 2nd day home, nurses at hosp reported normal sinus rhythm in hospital. No one seems concerned. Have shortness of breath, wheezing, weakness to the point of exhaustion most of the time and cough. Is this normal?
Joyce from Illinois, Illinois, USA, September 17, 2011

• Hi. In Dec 09 I had 3 bare metal stents put in. Two in the left artery and one in the right. For the last several weeks I have been getting serious pain between my shoulder blades, now my neck has hurt, my left arm feels like thousands of needles going thru it and for the last few days I been very fatigued and having some shortness of breath. Could my stents be failing?
Benny, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, September 15, 2011

• I had 2 stents put in 90% and 70%blockages july 29th/2011.The first 2 weeks I had walked 2 blocks twice a day, then started to ride my bike approximately 2 k's and walked 1k.Now I am riding my bike 4k's and walking 1-2 k's after 4 week's. I am on aspirin 81,plavix,Metoprolol,Avapro,and Crestor have developed burning in my left arm, and fluttering on the left side of my chest,and experience some pain when I have to cough in my back along the left side by my shoulder blade. Is this normal after the 4'th week of recovery. I ride a motorcycle for enjoyment roughly 2-3 times a week. Could the vibration cause the burning in my arm? Or does the medication need to be changed. Otherwise getting stronger daily and have changed my eating habit's a lot I am exercising daily and going back to work after Oct. 1/2011 as a custodian of 27 years.
Bear, Familyman, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, September 9, 2011

• I had an AMI in Aug 2010. two stents were put in the Circumflex in Feb 2011. I have been on Metolor, Plavix, Lasix, Ecosprin, Pan 40, Cardace, since. For the past two months I get a lot of acidity when I walk including discomfort in the chest. I get it when I bend down too. But never otherwise. I have been given Ganatone, Bifilac, Udimarin which has helped slightly. Is it a case of Restenosis? I am due for an Angiogram next month after 8 months of Angioplasty. Please Advice.
Sreeni, Mumbai, India, September 9, 2011

• I am a 52 yr old diabetic male. Three weeks ago I had 2 stents inserted on the right side of my heart. 80% blockage. Doctor put me on Plavix for rest of life and 325 mg of Aspirin. Begin to have horrible heartburn, I started to split the Aspirin to morning and evening, heart burn subsided. Had more energy then I knew what to do with but then I started to over-exercise and get my heart rate back to what it was (when I was 40) now I am very tired, don't sleep well. You have to take things slower... sites like and can help with diet & exercise. Depression is quite common as I have experienced when you realize that everything can happen again. But, can any of us really guarantee we will be here tomorrow? Live each day the best you can and when you are so tired and don't feel well, give thanks to God for allowing your family to have the extra time with you. Eliminating the four C's will help a lot: Citrus, Caffeine, Chile (Spicy Food) and Carbonated Beverages.....
Dennis, El Paso, Texas, USA, September 8, 2011

• Was stented one week ago, angina is gone, but I feel some pain nights in my heart. What can I do?
Berlin stent, Berlin, Germany, September 8, 2011

• Had two stents placed on 99% blockage just last Friday. Am a 62 year old male, non-smoker, non-drinker. Suffered heart attack prior to stenting. Still have burning pain in upper chest, gastric distress frequently and overall malaise. Today became emotional/angry and felt like had another heart attack. How long till feel better? Other clogged arteries ranged from 3 at 70% and one at 79%. Numbness in left side of face after PCI. What's going on with me?
Juanwilly, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, September 6, 2011

• Jo in Texas -- not sure what you man about the right artery closing because of Plavix situation. Plavix can keep a stent from forming clots, but it doesn;t keep an artery from closing up -- it only keeps the blood "slippery" and keeps it from clotting. The closing up of an artery is a different process. Have your been able to reduce your risk factors (diet, smoking, exercise, etc.)?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 6, 2011

• I am 59 year old female who has not had a heart attack but through stress test found 70% blockage in LAD. Everything pretty much ok except I had thyroid problems and now gallstones. Did post stress test showed abnormal stuff went back in yesterday an other stent plavix working so play egged increased aggressively. So now I have problems that weren't there with initial stent. Have to go back in two or three weeks for another stent in opening of right artery which is closing because of plavix situation. Tried walking this morning and felt lousy afterward flushed and sweat. Felt like a new person after first stent. Now feel like this is never going to be solved and will new meds effient actually work? Doctor seems to think what he did is perfect and blood flow is better than normal and fixing the other will solve problems. I guess I just expected to feel as good after this was like after the first. Do not like feeling like I am a walking time bomb. Don't know how much to push exercising. Don't know much about anything is it heart pain gallbladder or related to thyroid that doctors let get to Hugh and we are still in the process of lowering. Any advice. Hard for family too.
Jo, Texas, September 3, 2011

• Lexus and Sathyanarayanan -- It's great that you are looking afdter your fathers. It is very difficult to attempt to diagnose what may be causing a problem long-distance (or over the Internet!) -- but we always urge patients and their caregivers to discuss these issues with their cardiologist. If an answer is not offered, a second opinion si always an option.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 3, 2011

• Hi. my father had done angioplasty and inserted the stent 10days before.He had done bypass surgery 15 years back. After successfully completed the angioplasty after 3 hours my fathers blood pressure and pulse rate lowered and heavy chest pain was there for 10 minutes.The doctor consulted him immediately and done angiogram again and told nothing to worry some complications will happen in rare cases.that is why like this .Now he is OK. Please tell me why suddenly the BP and Pulse rate lowered after doing the angioplasty. Please give me a reply. please reply in my mail id. Thanks
Sathyanarayanan, arabian industry llc, palakkad, kerala, india, September 3, 2011

• My dad had an angioplasty with one stent implanted. This was 3 days ago. He is home. But he feels tired and exhausted. It is real taxing on him to take a trip to the bathroom (in his bedroom) and back to bed. Is this normal?
Lexus, Virginia, USA, September 2, 2011

• Seems like you might need an adjustment in your medications. While your vital signs are good, you obviously are not feeling well and you need treatmnt of some sort. Certainly would not hurt to get a second opinion!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 1, 2011

• Had a drug eluting stent put in 3/30/11, Promus, after 80% blockage of L LAD. Put on Effient/ASA and 3 different kinds of statins, which made the pain in my muscles so bad that I had to stop all statins, cant take sloniacin or red yeast rice. Am trying to control cholesterol by diet. I also take Vasotec 20 mm bid, Lasix 40mg, Potassium 10 mg, and Prozac 40 mg. I am retired physician. Now I can hardly walk even two yards without feeling like passing out. Cardiologist not concerned. This is a living hell to me. Have no depression, just EXTREME fatigue. EKG's are fine CT of chest fine, white count a little elevated. Should I find another cardiologist for second opinion. This is not life at all, it is hell. Hard to walk, hard to lift arms, can't make meals, can't vacuum. Feel like all I can do is stay in bed because of fatigue. Taking Plavix 75mg and 81 mg ASA at present, as Effient made me bleed for a long time. Generic Plavix from India through Canadian pharmacy. What next?
retired doc, Florida, USA, August 28, 2011

• Dear RCA Stenter - I'm a 47 yr old female, i had an a stroke in May due to an 82% blockage in my right carotid artery. After stenting - still experienced (as many as 8 times a day)symptoms, similar to the TIA's but not as severe, but just as scary, I felt as if I was having another stroke, but then they would subside after a couple of minutes, my doctor put me on Keppra, an anti seizure med, scary stuff, but it worked, no more dizziness etc, only the numb left hand which was a residual effect of the stroke. This is scary stuff, and its hard to explain to people that haven't experienced it. All the Best to you!
soozcamaro, Sanborn, New York, USA, August 25, 2011

• Curious in Canada -- It would seem that many of the problems you are experiencing around breathing difficulties are not stent-related, but have to do with your diagnosis of COPD, no doubt caused by smoking. Stopping smoking is, of course, the right thing to do for both lung-related issues as well as heart disease. But unfortunately, as we're sure you know, the progression of COPD can be curtailed by stopping smoking, but only minimally reversed in some cases. Your diagnosis of COPD, asthma, etc. was made post-stenting, but you most certainly had these diseases for a while. They just didn't manifest so strongly. However, the good news is that you've taken action and are getting medical care. Work with your docs to improve your clinical picture. Follow their directions on meds, exercise, lifestyle changes, etc. but certainly report any new or increased symptoms to them.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 22, 2011

• 61 years old and Cardiac stent couple years ago as a result of heart attack. Prior to was a non drinker, smoker of moderate to good health with only periodic Dr visits due to bronchitis. Quit smoking immediately and not smoked since cardiac episode. Since then, have been sick continually. Now diagnosed with COPD, Asthma, and on continual meds for such. Never was issue before. On 2 inhalers that do not seem to help much. Also periodic low hemoglobin. Get short of breath after marginal exercise and best relief obtained by squatting down. Taking Lipitor, Micardis plus and low dose aspirin. Suffer easy bruising and bleeding. Back to cardiologist next week. Basically, sick and tired of being sick after having cardiac stent. Please again note that prior to stent, was only very occasionally ill with bronchitis.Dr visit today and now being referred to Hematologist and cardiologist appointment next week.
Curious in Canada, , Hamilton Ontario Canada, August 17, 2011

• I had 2 stents placed in Feb - now am suffering giddiness, dull aches and stabbing pains across my chest. Recent ECG shows every thing is ok - but my bp is up and down. I do take beta blockers and normal medication after heart attack. just want to feel fit again. Any ideas what is causing me to feel so unwell?Jean
Jean, Manchester, England, August 14, 2011

• I posted yesterday with regard to my feelings after a drug eluting stent, but no reply as yet. I just want to add that is it normal to hear my heartbeat ALL day when it is quiet or I am watching the television? Also I have a constant whistling in my ears and it is so depressing to listen to this all the time. Neither of these things happened pre-stent and medication. Any ideas, please?
maxi, BNH, united kingdom, August 14, 2011

jmt, MANAHAWKIN, New Jersey, USA, August 9, 2011

• I had a stent put in my left main (widow maker) 3 days ago. I don't have CAD, but it was caused by scar tissue that formed when I had my aortic valve replaced due to a congenital condition. (I had an 11 hour valve replacement surgery with many complications.) I was at 90+% blocked and have been told I am lucky to be alive. The doctors made it sound like I'd feel relief almost immediately. I was very active up until a week ago. How long have people found it takes to feel better? Have energy? I know it's only a few days out, but I feel totally exhausted! I don't know if it's the meds, everything I've been through, or just the adjustment.
Baily46, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA, August 6, 2011

• My husband had a 90 percent blockage and had a stent put in 9 days ago. He is having some mild discomfort in his chest and has indigestion all the time. He is taking 40 mg. Prevacid everyday. Is this normal? Thanks
DC in LA, , LaGrange, North Carolina, USA, August 6, 2011

• Evelyn in the Bronx -- you are probably taking aspirin and Plavix (clopidogrel) or Effient, any of which can cause stomach upset or cramping. Prilosec is a PPI which may help counter those effects, although there have been reports of Prilosec reducing the effectiveness of Plavix. Discuss your symptoms with your cardiologist and do not stop taking any meds until you do so (for example, aspirin, Plavix or Effient are critically important post-stenting to prevent blood clots inside the stent).
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 6, 2011

• I'm a 50 yr smoker trying to quit and have numerous leg stents due to PAD. I now have a stent I in my heart but problem is I'm allergic to contrast dye so they pumped me up with prednisone (20 mgs for 3 days. I'm home and feeling better but that night at the hospital and since i've had severe stomach cramps that are ongoing. They prescribed Prilosec which is not helping. What could be causing this pain? I thought maybe gas but it's 3 days now and at a lost for cause of cramping.
Evelyn, Bronx, NY, USA, August 5, 2011

• Dr. Daughter in New Mexico -- you didn't mention if your mother got a stent and if so, how many, what type, where, etc.... Assuming the cardiologist has eliminated restenosis (reblocking) as a possibility, then there are several possible causes, among them drug reactions and emotional distress -- which is quite real for most heart patients after experiencing a life-threatening event, and it has very real symptoms. Again, assuming the cardiologist has ruled out any artery blockages as the cause, we would suggest getting into a rehab program or a group of heart attack survivors. Often social interaction with others who have experienced this is very helpful. There is still the possibility of drug reactions. Statins are often the first drug suspected (and they have taken her off of that) but other drugs can also contribute. By the way, is she on Effient or Plavix?? They are different drugs but serve the same purpose.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 5, 2011

• Mom had major heart attack 5/27/11. She was on metoprolol, simvastatin, lisinopril, aspirin, effient(plavix). Has had mild chest pain nausea and fatigue. She also has up and down days, we have been to dr a few times when something doesn't feel right. They have said indigestion, anxiety, basically they say it's side effects from the Simvastatin so they lowered the mg and still feeling bad they took her off of it completely! Now were sitting in the er because yesterday she was anxious, nauseous, vomiting, and a funny little headache, her pcp gave her Anti nausea meds and she slept, felt fine today until about 4pm she woke up with heart palpations, minor chest pain (similar but less than heart attack pains) nausea, cold sweats and higher blood pressure (her normal 117-121) of. 138/93. She breaks down and cries because she is sick and tired of being sick and tired It seems like angina to me but they are the dr blowing off her symptoms!!! Its hard to see her feeling so bad and they won't fix her ! Can anyone offer insight PLEASE !!!!
Dr daughter, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, August 4, 2011

• 48 year old female in Orchard Park -- Effient (like Plavix) keeps the blood from clotting inside the stent. If you did get a blood clot, the result is usually acute and very noticeable, like a heart attack. Effient has been shown to be effective in patients who are "non-responders" to clopidogrel (Plavix). Your bare metal stent didn't "clot", but restenosed -- the tissue inside grew back. This occurs in 15-25% of bare metal stents, often in the first 6 months, which is why drug-eluting stents (DES) were developed. DES have reduced restenosis rates to 5-10%. Perhaps your pain may be a "memory pain" from your earlier experiences -- but you're certainly correct to consult with your cardiologist about this. The stress test results show no ischemia, but in some patients, especially women, anginal pain can come from poor circulation in the micro-circulation: vessels too small for stenting or bypass. This doesn't mean you are headed for a heart attack, but is a possible explanation for your symptoms of pain. If the pain continues, perhaps your cardiologist may feel that an anti-anginal drug, like Renexa, could provide relief.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 4, 2011

• I am a 48 year old female with NO prior treatment for cholesterol or heart disease. In April 2011, I passed all my pre-op testing for a hysterecomy but I did not feel right, I had pressure in both shoulders and shortness of breath. On April 28, I had a stress test, on April 29, 2011 I received my first bare metal stent in my LAD (95 percent blocked). I was put on Effient for two weeks and then switched to Plavix. In June, I began Cardiac Rehab and felt tired but okay. In mid July, I experienced some slight shortness of breath, slight left arm pain, but had normal EKG, normal BP. On July 19, 2011 I received my second stent (medicated). The first stent closed after ten short weeks. I have been given the blood test that confirmed Plavix does NOT work for me. I have been switched back to Effient but I do NOT feel right. My arm pain has not gone away. I have no energy. My concerns are that my LAD was so blocked twice and I had very slight symptoms twice. Just had a Cardiolite Stress test that was fine but I still do not feel well. Is there a test to see if Effient is working? Will I ever feel normal again?
48 year old female, Orchard Park, New York, August 3, 2011

• Osnola in Florida -- check out our Forumt Topic specifically on Vascular Closure Devices.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 3, 2011

• Had angioplasty / stent June 3. RT Femoral Artery closure was achieved with a Perclose device. Artery now blocked 90%, have claudication and will need surgery to repair. I have read many forum statements and have not read anything like my problem. Is this common?? I was told this happens 1 in 100 angioplasty procedures. Does not seem to be so by reading forum.
Osnola, Miami, Florida, USA, August 3, 2011

• Lonely -- depression is a known reaction in patients with coronary artery disease, although your stent was placed three years ago, so the fact that this is coming on now would point to other possible causes. From what you describe, having a chronic illness without enjoying the support of people close to you can be very difficult. We'd suggest finding a heart disease support group (your cardiologist or local hospital may be able to hook you up) and there you will find others in similar situations -- and this could make a big difference. Anyone out there have any some specific suggestions for "Lonely in Louisiana"??
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 25, 2011

• I had stent in April 2008. On plavix, Metoprolol, Antara, Simvastatin, Aspirin , Aciphlex . Doing exercise . Feeing good physically . Mentally very depressed , sad , mood goes up down. No social or family support, no spouse support ( emotionally ), is this feeling from stent?
Lonely in Louisiana, Metairie, Louisiana, USA, July 25, 2011

• ROX -- See your cardiologist! What you are describing does not sound like a stent-related problem. But Lopressor, which is a beta-blocker, is known to cause vertigo and other side-effects. Don't stop taking anything (especially Plavix and aspirin) but see your cardio about this. Your symptoms may be due to any number of things, but the purpose of the Lopressor is to control your blood pressure, which is also being done by the Norvasc. What is your BP??
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 24, 2011

• I had a blockage in the widow-maker with stent placement and angio in April. New meds: lopressor 25, effient 10, lipitor 40 added to Norvasc 5. About three weeks ago I had a terrible vertigo attack and I still have major lightheadedness. Went to ENT who tested me and feels it is an inner ear, but it is not going away. Could the meds be related? I did cut the lopressor from 25 to 12.5. I can't drive and am finding it difficult to get to work without a ride. I went through a major procedure and wish I could feel better. Docs seem so sure that it isn't related to adjusting meds...I'm just not sure. Cardiologist hasn't even seen me on this. What do you think? The lightheadedness and dizziness doesn't seem to want to leave.
ROX, Blackwood, New Jersey, USA, July 20, 2011

• Not feeling well in India -- glad to hear that you are actually feeling fine post-stent (i.e. you ARE feeling well!) -- your concerns about stopping aspirin should be directed to your cardiologist (make sure to discuss this with your cardiologist, not just with your general practitioner. The reason to stay on BOTH Plavix and aspirin (called Dual AntiPlatelet Therapy, or DAPT) is to reduce the chance of stent thrombosis, where blood clots inside the stent causing an acute blockage -- it's a relatively rare event (especially with the newer and better stents like the Medtronic Resolute) but it's a serious event and to play it safe, most doctors (and the FDA here in the USA) recommend one year of BOTH Plavix and aspirin. Also look at our Forum Topic on Plavix and Aspirin.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 19, 2011

• Hi... had angioplasty 7 months ago. ENDEAVOR RESOLUTE stent placed.. I'm feeling to walk 5 km daily without any problem.... was on plavix and aspirin for first 6 months. Now Doc asked to stop aspirin and continue only on plavix. Is it OK to be only on plavix and stop aspirin after 6 months to angioplasty. Stent Endeavor resolute.
Not feeling well after stenting, India, July 17, 2011

• My sister has got second heart attack, 3 stents were placed. BP is coming very low and varying. Doctor says her heart is working with 30% efficiency. May i know the implications of it. Is this alarming?
Ajay, Sukna, West Bengal, India, July 13, 2011

• RCA-Stenter -- it's not possible to give specific medical advice to you, but the bright red in stool might indicate a bleeding complication, something that may be caused by the antiplatelet medication, perhaps intermittently, which is why it might not show up. Certainly, you should not alter your medication regimen by yourself, but you should consult your cardiologist again. None of these symptoms sound stent-related...more likely medication-related. There is also the element of stress, which can trigger or make pain more intense. Curious if you are feeling better after stopping Lipitor. Statins have been known to cause muscle/joint pain and some people experience an overall fatigue as well.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 12, 2011

• 51 yr old male. Stent implanted in RCA 2 mos ago after 2-3 weeks of atypical angina symptoms (numbness in face, jaw, neck; no chest pain per se). Placed on 10mg Effient, 81 mg aspirin, and various dosages of lipitor post procedure. Also used metoprolol and isosorbide for awhile but stopped. Have experienced varying levels of "neurological" symptoms since implant but worsening in past week (symptoms = facial/jaw numbness; mild neck ache; intermittent numbness in arms/legs/hands/feet; occasional chest "fluttering"; difficulty taking deep breaths occasionally; periodic needle like pain in feet, legs and other parts of body; muscle fatigue/heaviness. Most symptoms come and go, but facial/jaw symptoms are most prominent/consistent. But generally no pattern. Mild lightheadedness too. Stopped lipitor a week ago. Effient replaced with Plavix (75mg) at same time. Nerve symptoms persist; increased tiredness and difficulty sleeping. 3 round of blood test (one from an ER trip) detect low sodium (129) and chloride (93). Low Alkaline Phosphatase (35), too. Sleeping has become more difficulty. Have seen bright red in stool several occasions, but fecal test proved negative. Help.
RCA-Stenter, New York, USA, July 7, 2011

• Had a heart attack six weeks ago, two stents were placed in. Hemorrhage from the Cath. into the lower back. Was given transfusions and sent home a week later. I've been getting palpitations and blood pressure jumps, low one day then high the next. I'm on Verapamil 120mg. ER in the morning along with Plavix 75mg. and one Aspirin 81mg. Evening Metoprolol 25mg. Having nightmares when I sleep, mostly sleep little. I thought I would feel better. I don't. What's wrong?
Rose, Orlando, Florida, USA, July 4, 2011

• 57 year old UK male Civil Servant - desk bound job. On statins (Current dose 80mg Atorvastatin) and ACE inhibitors since 2003. Had my first coronary episode February 2011. A second one in April caused a VF arrest and hospital admission. Total occlusion found in left circumflex and partial occlusion in 2 other branches of LAD and slight atheromous disease in RCA. Circumflex stented. No pain since inpatient discharge from Hospital in mid -April 2011. Undertook NHS sponsored weekly exercise class for 6 weeks - no pain. Do my own exercise regime in addition - tired afterward, but no pain. Feeling good, so returned to work part-time (Afternoons only) last week Monday June 20th. OK Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. But on Thursday and then again Friday had pain left side of chest under arm whilst seated. Pain went away late in the evening. Exhausted, slept all day Saturday, Sunday. Woke up Monday with extreme soreness under left arm, but no bruising. Off-work Monday and pain has now moved to lower left back. But is not affected by exertion. Daily drugs Aspirin, Clopidogrel, omeprazole, perindopiril, atorvastatin, ezetrol and omacor. Any ideas what's happening?
Nick, London, United Kingdom, June 27, 2011

• Again to all posters, read our response from February 6, 2011 regarding chest pains post-stenting. And definitely discuss your medication regimen with your cardiologist. Every patient reacts somewhat differently to the usual heart meds and a change or adjustment in meds can make a major difference in how you feel. The cautions about proton pump inhibitors and clopidogrel revolve around studies that have shown decreased effectiveness of clopidogrel (Plavix) when taken with certain PPIs, but there are conflicting studies and you should consult your cardiologist about this issue.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 26, 2011

• My 80 year old father had 3 stents placed in his heart and is in a-fib. After the procedure he looked pink and oxygenated. Now after one week his color is whitish/gray and he feels tired again. He is on the usual meds...plavix, antidepressants, among some others. What else should be done for him?
Daughter, Toledo, Ohio, USA, June 26, 2011

• I had Angioplasty stent top left of heart (90%block)after apparent heart attack March 2011(UK). No pain near heart-pain was in back! No high blood pres. No high cholest.Not overweight. 5 pints beer per week. Smoked though - NOT SINCE! Placed on clopidogrel& Bisoprolol & Aspirin (morning) then Simvastatin + Ramipril(night). I kept waking up with indigestion. Doctor said it's the aspirin and prescribed me Omeprozole. It has eased the indigestion but on internet I've read that Omeprozole interferes with and shouldn't be taken by people on Clopidogrel. Is it OK to take it? Other thing is that I get strange discomfort around my shoulders and slight spine tingling. Wouldn't really describe it as pain. Can only think to call it discomfort. Could one of the pills be causing it? There's slight (very slight) feeling of tightness. Not like at time of attack though. To me it feels more like to do with blood vessels in my back rather than the muscles. It's a really weird sensation. Have others experienced same 'hard to describe' sensation. If so at least this will let them know they're not alone. Age 57. Good site this. Thank You.
Steve S. Loughton , Essex, UK, June 26, 2011

• Hi... had angioplasty 4 months ago... m feeling to walk 5 km daily without any problem.... but I have one problem... Once a day or once in two days while lying on bed I get pinching sensation which lasts for one-tenth of a second and things go absolutely normal after that... Is it a problem ??
Not Feeling Well After Stenting,, India, June 23, 2011

• i had a Promus stent 4x18mm long at the end of march 2011 in my LAD artery 70% block, no heart damage, and since then i have been having random sensations of pain in the left side of my chest. i ended up in emergency room twice at my drs suggestion, only to find out that no troponin increase and no indication that stent has moved, so i was released. I'm on Lipitor and plavix...any ideas if this will go away?
secondchance, San Francisco, California, USA, June 17, 2011

• Hi I'm 39 had two stents about 6 weeks I now get really bad pains on right side about chest height but more towards the arm. The other strange thing it feels like a vein in my neck is pumped up with blood. I had spoken to doctor and he said lots of people mention strange pains. But I have to go in a few weeks for tread mill test. Pains make me feel down and make it hard to concentrate properly. If I sleep it eases for a while but always comes back. Also I have noticed if I get stressed it hurts.
Graham1, Margate, Kent, UK, June 12, 2011

• Just had a heart attack may 19th 2011 had a stent on the 20th Still had chest pains had a cath nothing was found. I have chest discomfort back to ed nothing is wrong I fell very very tired ,always sleep, no energy It is upsetting me. I am light headed,shaky, and not myself I don't know where to turn???? I did quit smoking an I am eating right. I just don't feel like the old me!!!!
lynda, Washington, Pennsylvania, USA, June 10, 2011

• I am a 52 year old male. A month ago I got bad food poisoning from take out and for a week heartburn sometimes in middle of back when I walked and worse burning when trying to bicycle ride. Went to ER and they started checking my heart first. Months before I had been diagnosed with GERD and Sleep Apnea. EKG looked ok so suggested a stress test with nuclear pix. Because of my bad knee I couldn't treadmill so got vasodilator shots..bad burning then. Results said no heart attack but suggested angiogram and cardio doc ended up putting in three stents. After getting home got an endoscopy and they found small hiatal hernia and erosive gastritis in atrium. On Protonix, ranitidine, effient, toprol, lisinopril, imdur, lipitor, aspirin. After 3 weeks I have extreme nerves like butterflies in stomach and feel jittery with flushy feeling and nausea. Primary doc says ask cardio doc about meds and also gave me ativan for the nerves. Gastro wants to see me this friday, bad nausea, dry heave every morning. Can anyone help, I need to get back to I going crazy,is this just anxiety when I get this overwhelming flush and my heart races and I get nauseaous..Please help...
Mike in Central Coast, Santa Barbara, California, USA, June 8, 2011

• Philip from Malta -- Pantozol is not necessarily contraindicated when used with Plavix. There is still much controversy regarding proton pump inhibitors and clopidogrel, conflicting studies and results that some PPIs are better than others (pantoprazole being one of those that seem to impact clopidogrel less), What does your cardiologist say?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 7, 2011

• Hi, fantastic website. professional and I feel sure gives much solace to many of us. I had a stent put in the left circumflex. y intersection ?? about 5 weeks. somehow still feel not quite right, occasional down mood and concerned about success of intervention. remained on 100mg cozaar and 5mg amlodipine, additionally been prescribed Plavix 75 and aspirin 75 and Lipitor 40mg, but due to history of stomach ulcers been given pantozol. now find that this is contraindicated because it could lessen efficacy of Plavix Is sucralfate ok and a good enough substitute. i read it can be. i feel heart medication is more important at present but need to protect stomach. many thanks.
Philip O., Valletta, Malta, June 7, 2011

• My mum had a stent inserting on 5/11, but now she is feeling chest pain with cold sweating again. She had been gone to see her doctor but the doctor assessment was she had a gastric upset. I am wondering is it true that GI upset will cause cold sweating and chest tightness?
Mok, Perak, Malaysia, June 3, 2011

• To all who write in -- many report a period of mild pain after stenting. See our post from February 6, 2011 for more specifics. For those fearing that the stent has "failed", or more specifically, reblocked, the symptom would be relatively significant angina, and this is something that can be tested using a nuclear stress test or angiogram. We have found that mre often than not, adverse reactions after stenting are often the result of medications that need to be changed or adjusted. A cardiac intervention, such as a stent, is very often the first time that a patient has been found to have coronary artery disease and, as a result, it is often the first time that the typical medications are prescribed. And, as we have seen, some patients react poorly to these initial meds, and need to have them adjusted.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 2, 2011

• My Husband had a stent put in last August. He keeps having Angina, in March and again this weekend he is visibly having an "episode' and has other heart pains 3-4 monthly and some days multiple times a day. Our heart Dr. said this is normal. This is not normal to us he is 46 yr old with a long family history of heart disease. I'm fearing the stent has failed. He is taking a combo drug, Effient and aspirin daily.
Amahon1, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, May 31, 2011

• mild fluttering behind sternum that is relieved by cough. mild warm sensation and mild dizziness last less than 30 seconds. Is this normal after LAD stents 4 weeks ago. I am 47 happens 4-5 hours after cardiac exercise rehab.
JM, Fair Oaks, California, USA, May 28, 2011

• Terry in Arizona -- the stents should not be causing these reactions. Again, there have been reports of hypersensivitiy to drug-eluting stents, but more often than not, it is the medications that need adjustment. Which stent(s) did he get and what is his medication regimen?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 28, 2011

• Husband had 3 stents in January. He is 81 with Alzheimer Disease. He is on several meds and feels nausea and exhausted all the time. Claims to feel a bit off the ground. Required to exercise twice a week but he really cannot do this..before stents he was tired and nauseated but no pain, so what good was all this? He is thin, perfect BP, good heart rate, excellent cholesterol and a good attitude..are we missing something here? Many thanks for any assistance in a direction to feel good again.
Terry, Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA, May 28, 2011

• D. Crandell -- interesting about your high BP being caused by panic attacks. Glad that Xanax has helped. See our response below from May 21about the mind-body connection.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 28, 2011

• I am 41 yr old male. Had major heart attack 2 years ago and had three stents placed at that time. I always had trouble with dizziness and twinges of pain. I was first on metoprolol and it made my heart beat in the 35-40 range and I felt horrible. Dr took me off of it altogether and then i got extremely dizzy at work and he could not get me in for a week. I went to my family dr who said I needed to be on a beta blocker and put me on Bystolic. I kept getting dizzy spells about every 6 months they would start up and each time my Dr increased my dosage of Bystolic. Last week I felt dizzy all day and had high blood pressure spiking at odd times under stress and when just thinking about it made me spike. I went to the ER because I never had pain with my heart attack just dizziness. they kept me and did another cath and found I was clear and looked good. They took me off of Bystolic completely and now my BP is perfect or better. Turns out I was having panic attacks not high BP! Now I have Xanax to take for panic attacks. bp went from running 145/90 with pulse of 40 to 119/79 with pulse of 72 without the Bystolic. I am glad they figured it out but the cath is expensive to figure problem.
D. Crandall, Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA, May 21, 2011

• J from New Jersey and Tim in Orgeon (and other posters) -- the issue of post-stent discomfort is discussed in a number of papers -- it ranges from adjustment to new medications to an aching type pain in the chest which usually disappears in a short time (usually a few weeks) as the body adjusts to the device. It is thought that this pain is caused by the dilation of the artery. There is also the mind-body connection: you suddenly have had an intervention, a metal stent placed in your artery, and you feel ultra-sensitive. This is not "just in your head", of course. The mind-body connection can result in real discomfort. It should subside as you adjust to things but, if not, your doctor may be able to help. Engaging in cardiac rehab (exercise, diet, etc.) is a big plus and many patients post-angioplasty wind up feeling better than they have before -- but some of this comes from getting in shape, changing diet, etc. There is also the possibility of "heartburn" caused by Plavix -- really an irritation of the stomach or esophagus, and that can be treated with mdications as well.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 21, 2011

• I had 3 stents put in 2 days ago. 2 in the MLAD and 1 in Diag. I am a 46 year old 46 with not prior health issues. Not your typical patient for CAD. In shape, non smoker, no diabetes, no family history etc. Had 95% blockage. Anyway my question is since i had the stents put in, i am continuously feeling chest pain/heart burn, soreness. My dr tells me that i should feel no discomfort. Pain level is very low but there is some pain. I an concerned. Is this normal or common?
J from NJ, Old Bridge, New Jersey, USA, May 13, 2011

• I am a 47 year old male with a poor family history. I have been feeling kinda crappy for a couple of months so I went to a cardiologist. Had a nuclear stress test that showed some mild abnormality. Scheduled an angiogram. The day before I was doing some moderate physical work and became very short of breath and left arm numbness. Went to hospital and blockage found with a clot. Stent implanted. I was originally hoping to feel 10 years younger, but a week later still off and on angina and not much energy. Is this to be expected from here on out? I sure hope not as I have 3 small children who like to consume a lot of energy.
Tim from Oregon, Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA, May 11, 2011

• Ted in Illinois -- let the Forum know how you make out. You are on a number of medications, and one or more have upset stomach, etc. listed as known side effects. A tightness in the chest, or angina, is a possible sign of restenosis, but the flatulence, etc. you describe just seem medication-related. But by all means follow your doc's advice and see nboth your GI doc and your interventional cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 2, 2011

• Not only do I feel ill, I can't remember all the meds I take. I do take Protonix for GI problems. Prior to stent I took Nexium and it seemed to control my GI problems but my understanding is that the only PPI that works OK with Plavix is Protonix. Additionally, I was on Cordarone for a few months but couldn't tolerate it all and have been off of it for a month. I do have appt. with GI doc that did my endoscopy a couple years ago, so we'll see what he says. However, I really trust my cardiologist of 25 years and he wants me to see Interventional Cardiologist that did the stent to see if there's restenosis. Meanwhile I chew Gaviscon all day. The only time I'm not burping is when I'm eating or asleep. Thank you for this opportunity to discuss my issues.
Ted, Illinois, USA, May 2, 2011

• Ted in Illinois -- while we cannot give medical advice per se, Plavix and aspirin are known stomach (GI) irritants in some patients -- which is precisely why doctors have prescribed Proton Pump Inhibitors like Prilosec. However, some studies have implicated some PPIs anyway as reducing the efficacy of Plavix. Read our Editor's blog "Plavix, Prilosec, Prevacid, Protonix -- Do I Hear a Nexium?" because the FDA has cautioned physicians and patients about this. Discuss this with your cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 2, 2011

• I had 5 bypasses 16 years ago. Today only the LIMA is patent and my RCA is "real crappy" and may not be amenable to stenting nor am I a candidate for re-do bypass. In Dec. 2010 had DE stent in L main at Circumflex. Three days before scheduled stent placement was in A-fib and had cardioversion. After stent I felt great for about a month. Now, four months post stent, I am constantly experiencing chest tightness, burning and burping. Nitro helps somewhat with burning, but burping and flatulence goes on for hours. Basically, I can't do anything. I am an active 73 old man used to working everyday and now I have trouble as soon as I get out of bed. Bending over to tie my shoes gets the burping going and it's all down hill from there. I have a hiatus hernia and gallstones and wonder if part of my problem is GI. Doc thinks not. Am currently on Plavix, aspirin, Norvasc, Triamt, Imdur, Lipitor, Synthroid and Xanax. Since stent only new drugs are Plavix and Lipitor. Have great doctors, everyone is puzzled, and I am really miserable.
Ted, Illinois, USA, May 2, 2011

• I had 7 CABGs in 1999. On 03/09/2011, I had a Promus Stent placement in the native circumflex . The original Obtuse Marginal graft has also failed. During the procedure I did develop ventricular fibrillation and was electrically cardioverted. Prior to the stent placement I had experienced increased shortness of breath, angina and fatigue. I also had a few episodes of syncope. Since the placement the angina has increased substantially. I also note increased palpitations, dizziness when standing up or sometimes just moving my head, pressure in my chest and chronic fatigue. I also now notice pain in the shoulder region, back, radiating to my left arm. Sometimes I feel aching into the jaw. I have NO energy and have not resumed the normal activities I was doing prior to the placement. My cardiologist feels we may be dealing with musculoskeletal/costochondritis pain and not ischemic pain. I take Plavix, 81mg Aspirin, Carvedilol, Furosemide, Potassium, Crestor, Losartan, Zetia and discontinued per physician Imdur after 9 days as it did not seem to help. I haven't returned to work and am told I may not ever be able to return. I see similar post and wonder if has received a diagnosis yet?
PR, Gleason, Wisconsin, USA, April 27, 2011

• Not Feeling Well in India -- check with your cardiologist. You are supposed to take aspirin and clopidogrel for a year after a drug-eluting stent is placed. But we notice that you are taking Deplatt AND aspirin. Make sure you're not taking Deplatt-A, which is a combo clopidogrel/aspirin product (and you'd therefore be taking too much aspirin, which could upset your stomach). In any case, your symptoms are definitely experienced by others, and your doctor may be able to prescribe something to ease the indigestion.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 22, 2011

• I am facing more than normal acidity/gas and indigestion problem after angioplasty done in Jan' 2011.I am on aspirin, deplatt and atorlip. Is it normal or there is anything to worry.
Not Feeling Well After Stenting, India, April 21, 2011

• Mahima from Mumbai -- when you say your dad got a stent "last February", do you mean February 2010? If he was not limping before his accident, one would have to assume his swelling and limping has nothing to do with his stent. Has he seen an orthopedist to diagnose his problem (possibly a ligment, etc.?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 16, 2011

• Hi, my dad had a angioplasty done last february 20th, and had a stent fixed in. Some two months ago he fell from his motor bike with no fracture but he had some swelling around his right knee. We approached several doctors including his cardiologist, they find it normal since he is been advised to take tablets which acts as blood thinner, but till date he is not able to walk with ease, he is still limping and it pains every time he get up or sits down. I am worried about him, Kindly advice. Thanks and Regards
Mahima Varadharajan, L&T, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, April 16, 2011

• I am 55 y/o female who had severe shortness of breath. Was treated with inhalers, ended up in hospital. stress, echo, etc were negative, but had angiogram anyway and discovered 90% blockage in RCA, no damage. Promus Stent put in. 2 days later, still short of breath. Is this common?
JoAnn, Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA, April 9, 2011

• Not Feeling Well in India -- First of all, please read our disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Nothing here should be considered a substitute for medical advice from a physician. What we can say is that you should discuss these symptoms with your cardiologist and work with him/her to adjust your medications, if the two of you feel that may be the problem. For example, tiredness and dizziness both are listed as "undesirable effects" of Metolar XR, which is a brand name of metoprolol, a well-known beta-blocker, used to treat high blood pressure. These side effects have also reported for atorlip-f, which is a brand of atorvastatin (Lipitor in the U.S.), used to lower your cholesterol. Cardace is ramipril, an ACE inhibitor, used for blood pressure control, as well. Finally Clopivas AP is a combination drug of clopidogrel (i.e. Plavix) and aspirin -- both called dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) and very necessary for patients after stenting (recommended for at least a year with drug-eluting stents, to prevent clotting inside the stent). All of these drugs are standard fare for people with coronary artery disease. However, each individual reacts a bit differently to some or to combinations and therefore individualized adjustment of the dosages may be necessary. For example, some people develop an uncontrollable dry cough and/or dizziness from ACE inhibitors; others do just fine. We would tend to think that you are experiencing side effects from the meds, although again, this is not a "medical opinion". (By the way, all of this information is publicly available on the Web from the manufacturers of these drugs.) You definitely should not adjust dosages or stop taking any prescribed medication without discussing this with your cardiologist because there may be ill effects from sudden cessation -- and it is especially important for stent patients to continue taking Clovipas AP. Please let the Forum know what you and your doctor decide. It would be of great help to others who may be experiencing these side effects.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 9, 2011

• I am on Metolar XR, Cardace 2.5, clopivas ap 75 & atorlip f. BP is normal, blood counts also under control. please help
Not Feeling Well After Stenting, India, April 9, 2011

• Not Feeling Well in India -- could be meds. Not sure what you are taking -- have you actually seen your cardiologist? Had your blood pressure, blood count, etc. checked?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 8, 2011

• 48 yrs old female - had chest pain 3 months back - got one stent placed in right artery - things went fine for 2 months - I regained strength and was able to walk 5 km a day - But 20 days back I got loose motions since then feeling weakness and continuous sense of dizziness - cardio says parameters are normal - is this side effect of medicine or what - please please help .
Not Feeling Well After Stenting, India, April 8, 2011

• Denise -- Sounds like you may have suffered a vascular access complication from where the catheter was inserted (the femoral artery in the groin/upper leg). But that was 6 years ago, so it's doubtful there's a connection to your present problems. Now you've suffered a stroke -- you have a totally blocked carotid artery, which would be a risk factor for a stroke. Why do your doctors not think there's not a relationship?? In any case, you have atherosclerosis: a blockage in your heart, now in your carotid. It's the same disease, just in a dofferent place. What you can do is to lower all your risk factors (smoking, diet, exercise and take the appropriate meds). Let us know what you find out.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 5, 2011

• I had a heart attack and a LAD stent put in 6 years ago and put on plavix lipitor and aspirin. soon after started getting bad cramping in front of thigh when inactive. My entire leg swelled from right knee a was given an anti-inflammatory and was told to wrap up with bandage. I developed a large hematoma in back of knee. my knee was then filled with a gel and swelling went down but i still pain in front of thigh. I started walking and got dizzy and legs hurt. This past november i had an ischemic stroke from my right side and they don't know where came from. I had a TEE AND A CATA OF CHEST AND BRAIN not from heart or neck where there is some plaque on both sides. There's a SUBCLAVIAN STEAL on left collar bone where there is fold. CATA show complete blockage at origin of CAROTID ARTERY. Blood is rerouted from left arm. I need more tests. I wondering if stroke came from right leg. Doctors said it not from heart or neck
Denise Chesna, New York, USA, April 5, 2011

• Angio boy: sounds like symptoms of reactions to your medication. Talk to your Dr. or maybe consult with a new Dr. maybe the best solution.
Dutch , Biscoe, North Carolina, USA, April 4, 2011

• Angio Boy in Philippines -- you said your chest pain went away around the third month and you are having other symptoms now. Have your discussed this with your cardiologist? You may be having reactions to some of the medications you're on.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 2, 2011

• 35 yr male. I had a heart attack last yr of may 2010. they placed a stent and I'm taking plavix, dilatrend, lipitor, vastarel, dilzem, aspirin. on the first 2 months i felt chest discomfort and was fine on the 3rd month. I'm currently on my 8th month now after the angioplasty and i feel a lot of symptoms like nausea, vomiting sometimes, passing out, spasms in my muscles all over the body, lack of energy especially after treadmill exercise. I don't know if these symptoms are precursor to another heart attack. i asked my doctor about it and she said the chest pain that I'm experiencing sometimes is muscular and is not related to my heart. I'm worried because I'm not used to my body now i get tired easily and i feel dizzy sometimes. Any advice?
angio boy, Silay, Philippines, April 1, 2011

• I has double bypass in 2007. Started feeling bad in November 2010. Doctors put in a medicated stent on 3-11-2011. Since day one I have had this horrible anxiety/nervousness that will not go away. Any ideas please ?
jim c, Chicago, Illinois, USA, March 20, 2011

• I am 49yr old female, had 2 stents put in on 25/2 - felt okay until wed of this week - feel weak, no energy, burning feeling under my skin & burny pain in my chest (similar to pain that caused me to see dr like when you exercise & it starts to burn). Have had ASD repair years ago also don't have a spleen for many years (no symptoms have been healthy until now). Does anyone know of a homeopathic cholesterol med - am on crestor - not happy about this especially possible side effects & fact that I don't have spleen so possibly more strain on liver - I would imagine? Is there any history of this medication taken by patients without spleens. Also looking for diet to follow so much conflicting info out there.... Thanks.
Lori, Cape Town, South Africa, March 6, 2011

• Still having CP (Chest Pain) in Ohio -- Here's the abstract of a journal article from 1999, titled "Chest pain after coronary interventional procedures. Incidence and pathophysiology." You can see that your experience is not uncommon and not new. In fact Dr. Raymond Erbel, one of the authors, is a pioneer of angioplasty. Your negative results from the Cardiac CT and EGD indicate that your pain is not being caused by ischemia (lack of blood flow to the heart muscle, possibly caused by a blockage or reblockage of the stent) and therefore a re-intervention is not called for. That's good. Readers have posted that such pain does tend to recede with time. The body does have to adjust after any medical intervention. We've also been told that women experience this pain differently, and sometimes the microcirculation can cause this. Certainly be vigilant, and discuss this study with your cardiologist, but hopefully reading it will give you a bit more piece of mind.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 6, 2011

• I'm a 54 yr old female with hx of LCD stent placement (85%) in 2006, restenosis of same stent with another stent. On Jan. 26, 2011, I was having chest pain and went into the ED. They found a 70% blockage in my RCA. A stent was placed and I went home the next day, with an OK to return to work the next Tues. From discharge until the next Mon. Jan. 31, I continued to have left sided chest pain radiating into my shoulder and between my shoulder blades. I cardiac CT was done and all was well with the stents and other arteries. I had an EGD done and nothing significant was discovered. According to the resident who discharged me, it's normal to have chest pain for up to 30 days and beyond after stent placement. My cardiologist said that it's not normal, but can find no cause for my pain. I'm having the chest pain as I write this, and I remain very concerned about everything being OK. I'm not sure where to turn at this point. Any help or advice would be welcomed.
still having CP, Columbus, Ohio, USA, February 6, 2011

• I'm a 51yr old man had a stent put in in june 2010 was off work for a month passed stress test went back to work after a month i started getting sick couldn't have a stool my right leg where they went in my artery always hurts feels swollen but u cant see it feels like its under the muscle been going to doctors 5 months now still cant work they have taken my gallbladder out but didn't fix why i cant work i don't know watt to do I'm tired of being at home helpless am tired all the time wiper motor went out on my truck took 2 hrs to change it felt like i worked over 12 hrs on it was wore out didn't feel good for 2 days after i got red sores that pop up every where too clear stuff comes out of them then they bleed and scab over didn't have them before surgery.
need help, white, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, USA, February 2, 2011

• had stent (drug type) came out of hospital with at least 5 + more angina . was checked again in hospital with no clear explanation . said things were fine. am finally back to all most as good as I was before procedures.
more angina AFTER stent., PHOTO JOURNAL, Florida, USA, January 24, 2011

• Saleem Q -- your echo tests came back negative, which is good. What does your cardiologist say about your symptoms? If they persist, perhaps more specific testing can be done.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 23, 2011

• Had heart attack in Mar2008.Two vessel disease. Blocked 100% and 90%. Three stents in placed. felt good but after almost two years some times have miss beats and difficulty in breathing with low heart beat. had my ECO and ETT . both were negative but still have the same feeling please help me know the reasons and advise me.
Saleem Q., Risalpur, Pakistan, January 20, 2011

• Sae in Texas -- 29 is obviously a young age to have these problems. We assume you are doing everything you can regarding reducing risk factors (no smoking, good diet, etc.). You should definitely be seeing a cardiologist on a regular basis -- especially since you experienced this at an early age. it may be that your medications need to be adjusted. When discharged after a heart attack, there is a standard regimen of prescription meds given -- but each person is an individual with somewhat different needs, capacities, etc. It may be that you are reacting to one or more med. And, of course, the physicial insult to your system takes a bit a time to get over, not to mention the emotional insult. Let the Forum know how you are progressing and what the cardiologist recommends. It may be of help to other readers.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 20, 2011

• Had 2 stents put in last week. I'm an otherwise healthy 29 year old woman whom had gained a bit of notoriety as being full of energy until I had a heart attack. The whole thing is mysterious, no real plaque build up in the heart, just a giant blood clot hanging out in one of the major arteries (I have yet to speak to a cardiologist at length however to gather details). To make a long story short, I've been put on a host of cholesterol, blood pressure meds, I'm sure standard procedure, and I simply feel rotten. Now given, the week in the hospital and the severity at which I was resuscitated likely plays a factor, I still wonder how long I'm going to be down for the count with no energy and mild chest pains? I work full time and I'm a full time college student with a family, I just don't know how I'm going to hang seeing as how with each day I feel MORE tired than the last.
Sae , Texas, USA, January 17, 2011

• Hopper52 -- We don't know about Voltaren Gel, but it is an NSAID -- anti-inflammatory and there are, as you note, many precautions about its use for patients with heart diease. We would suggest seeing your cardiologist. It may just be taking time for the pains to go away (some readers report that pain lingers for a while). Are you in any cardiac rehab program? Perhaps discuss this with your cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 17, 2011

• 58 y/o male had 3 coated stents in my RCA placed in Dec (80% blockage). After six weeks I'm having pain in my left breast area, left shoulder blade and between my shoulder blades. I was having pain in these areas before the stent placement, which was what prompted me to see a cardio. The pain is sporadic and seems to get better with a heating pad. I had a heart attack when they placed the stents. Can this pain be the result of damage. My cardio says the pain is not related to me heart and my PCM can't find anything else wrong. He gave me some Voltaren Gel to use on the painful areas but I'm reluctant seeing how one of the side effects is bleeding. I'm on Aspirin, Plavix, Toprol, Pepcid, Sucalfrate, Lisinopril and Lipitor. BP Normal, Pulse Normal. I just want the pain to go away. Suggestions?
Hopper52, Brandon, Florida, USA, January 14, 2011

• Stent Man -- we've mentioned this in the past -- but sometimes the meds that you first start taking after a stent placement may have side effects. These in addition to the natural changes you feel after what is a life-changing event can contribute to one feeling a bit overwhelmed. However, if the tiredness, nervousness, etc. don't go away, talk to your cardiologist. It's possible these are reactions to medications. Just an example -- a patient we know recently had a XIENCE as well and felt okay, then not so okay. Turned out he was reacting poorly to the statin and since stopping it (his cholesterol was actually not high) he's felt much better, normal even. He did this, of course, with his doctor's guidance.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 10, 2011

• Just had a Xience V stent placed last week. Felt great upon release from hospital not so great now. Have to take Plavix and 1 aspirin in addition to Lipitor and 2 Blood pressure meds. One that I was on before and now a new one. Feeling kind of tired and agitated lately. Blood pressure seems to erratic. I am a little overwhelmed with all of these meds I have to take. Need some reassurance that I will feel like myself again sometime.
STENT MAN 2011, Nassau County, New York, USA, January 10, 2011

• sd38 from Kansas -- It may take a while for the body to adjust to the stent, to the increased blood flow and to what are often two, three or more new medications. But the depression you are feeling is normal and has been documented in heart patients post-stent or surgery. Hopefully your doctor can help you with this, but please write back to the Forum with the results of your visit.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 6, 2011

• I had one stent about 2 months ago the main vein in my heart was 80% blocked, I felt terrible the first month, I am beginning to pick up some energy, I still have flutters in my heart. I've begun to have depression, everything makes me sad, I'm going to ask my heart doctor about this, I see him in a few days.
sd38, Kansas, USA, January 1, 2011

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